Southwest FFA attends LEAD Conference

Wednesday, June 12, 2019
From left: Macy Colf, Teresa Thompson, Bonnie Robbins, Leland Colf, Laney Moore, Elizabeth Ross and Ty Howard attended the LEAD Workshop at Crower College. Contributed photo

On May 28, 2019, the Southwest FFA 2019-2020 officer team, along with other officer teams within the area, attended the LEAD Workshop at Crowder College.

LEAD stands for Learn, Educate, Advance, and Develop. This a conference whose goal is to train chapter officers, and help them to reach their chapter’s full potential. They were given to opportunity to bond as a team and establish vital rules and goals.

First on the agenda at the conference was for the officers to establish a Code of Conduct that they would follow throughout the school year together. They, upon agreeance, wrote down and signed a copy so that they would all be informed of how things were going to be handled if an issue arose.

Secondly, the team made lists of the costs and benefits of being in the FFA, and how they could recruit new members for the organization. What they ultimately decided upon was that although the organization and being officer may come with costs, the benefits outweigh them by a lot. During this portion, they also were able to discuss ideas for recruiting new members. They already have an 8th grade recruitment day, but the chapter doesn’t yet have one in place for high school. They wrote down ideas about doing a powerpoint on the first day of school where they would talk briefly about the benefits, and how FFA has helped us.

Then, they talked about a Program of Activities, and exactly what it entails. They learned what a POA was, why it was valuable, and the areas of a POA. They heard ideas from other chapter’s POA this year and took notes of activities they could begin doing. They took notes about exactly what projects they would be conducting under each category.

In the afternoon, they divided up and attended smaller workshops about various things. The titles were ‘Promoting a Positive Image’, ‘Leading a Chapter Meetings’, ‘Time Management’, and ‘SAE Opportunities’. Each of these covered exactly what their title describes, and enlightened them on how to properly achieve these. They were conducted by former officers, who knew exactly what it was like to be in their shoes, and they talked about things they wished someone had told them in high school.

In conclusion, the conference was a great opportunity for the officer team to get to know each other, and to get a preview of FFA officership. They were able to learn many skills and techniques, which will help them in this future school year, and years to come.