Sales tax receipts generally up in May

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Cassville up $21,000 for year compared to 2018

After three months of sales tax revenues to the Barry County area falling below last year, receipts from the Department of Revenue took a bounce upward in May, keeping most year-to-date sums close to last year’s numbers.

Barry County’s two half-cent sales taxes for general bills and supporting road maintenance each took in $156,898, both up by more than $9,278, or 6 percent. Payments were the largest in May on record, half again as large as 10 years ago. The boost propelled the county’s 2019 totals over last year by a little over $400.

The separate sales tax funding Barry County’s 911 service brought in $117,665.89 for the month, down nearly $7,000 from a year ago. The 2019 sum of $627,144.42, however, outpaced last year by more than $6,600.

The seven Barry County cities generating sales tax received $537,628.20, down $2,310, or less than half a percent, from a year ago.

Cassville’s 1 percent sales tax supporting the general fund generated $72,544.55, up for the consecutive month and a gain of $4,346.43 from last May. That put the year’s total up by more than $21,000.

Seligman’s 1 percent tax yielded $9,313.03, a gain of $3,717.40, or 33 percent, from last year, a needed boost after three months of declines. Seligman’s 2019 total is down 33 percent from a year ago.

Exeter got an extra month’s worth of money when its 1 percent tax for paying general bills produced $2,329.06, up $1,41.36, or more than two-and-a-half times what came in last May. The total gave Exeter a 2019 total that was $400 ahead of its 2018 start.

Marginal showings appeared in Washburn, where the city’s 1 percent tax placed $1,598.81 in coffers for general bills, down $316.90 from last May, the fourth consecutive month of declines. That left Washburn’s 2019 total down $2,000, or 18 percent, from a year ago.

Wheaton’s 1 percent tax generated $2,597.28, the best May showing in three years, up $783.68 from a year ago. Wheaton’s 2019 general fund sum, after seeing declines in three of the last five months, is at half of what it was a year ago.

Purdy made it five months in the row topping 2018 numbers. The city’s 1 percent sales tax for the general fund produced $6,998.87, up $251.95 from a year ago. That gave Purdy’s general fund an 11-month fiscal year total of $64,923.83, nearly $5,000 ahead of the previous year. The calendar year total is up by $7,000, or nearly 30 percent.

Monett, which bucked the general trend in April with much higher numbers, did the opposite in May, with strikingly lower numbers. Monett’s two sales taxes totaling 1 percent for paying general bills received $138,906.25, down $15,704.71, erasing 84 percent of the big gain in April. The April gain, however, was so big that the two-month fiscal year sum of $312,185.60 is still $3,000 better than last year and only about $1,200 behind the record start to a new fiscal year in 2017.

Despite trailing last year’s pace in three out of the last five months, Monett’s sales tax has brought in $811,893.83 for the general fund in five months, nearly $20,000 ahead of last year’s pace.

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