Proposal made to raise smoking age in Cassville to 21

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Youth Advisory Board leader asks city to change ordinance for smoking, vaping

The Cassville City Council recently heard a presentation from Alexander Mackey, Garrett York, Elaine Boles, Torrance Davis, Jami Davis and Lauren McManus, all representing the Youth Advisory Board, asking the city to amend its ordinance to ban smoking and vaping for all people under the age of 21.

Bill Shiveley, Cassville mayor, said Mackey, making the presentation on behalf of the entire contingency, cited four or five other towns who have made the change, mainly in response to the rise in popularity of e-cigarette use among youth. Mackey said traditional cigarette use among teens is declining, but use of e-cigarettes among teens is on the rise.

I dont drink or smoke, and its probably a good deal, Shiveley said. You can tell its a good deal by the cost to the health of people who do smoke.

Shiveley said Mackey presented information contending e-cigarette juices contain more harmful heavy metals than traditional cigarettes, and more nicotine.

He suggested we change the ordinance for smoking cigarettes to 21 and also add e-cigarettes to the ordinance, Shiveley said. The next step would be to run that by our legal counsel, then in June or July, bring it back up.

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