Exeter shows talents in band, choir

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Students compete in districts, bring home medals

Exeter High School pushed hard to make a name for itself during the 2018-2019 school year, and all that effort paid off.

Samantha Crouch, Exeter junior, said she took home a silver state medal in band.

“At districts, there is a rating from one to five,” she said. “If you get a one you get to go to state.”

Lindsey Nelson, Exeter junior, said at districts, she and Crouch both got ones for their solos.

“After you get that and compete at state, you get a ranking on one, two, three or gold, silver, bronze,” Nelson said. “I am the first choir student from Exeter to get a bronze medal or even qualify for state in a long time.”

Crouch said this was also her first time to go to state.

“It is a huge accomplishment for me,” Nelson said. “Ever since my freshman year, I have been working toward the goal of getting to state.”

Nelson said her goal for next year is to win gold.

“I have considered trying out for college choirs to get better scholarships in the future,” she said. “I get to use my voice to help me get into college and possibly even a career, and that is pretty awesome.”

Nelson said she appreciates coming from a small school and seeing what we can do.

“I have watched Quartny Allen, a member on the academic team,” Crouch said. “She made it to state her freshman and sophomore years, and watching her go to state has made me want to go to state.”

Crouch said the passion she has for music she has had since she was a little girl.

“Being able to blow into an instrument and make a noise is great, and I thought it was the funniest thing ever,” she said. “I play multiple instruments, but I went to state playing the baritone.”

Crouch said she got her inspiration to reach for state by watching Allen, and she hopes she can be an inspiration as well.

“I have two sisters who are interested in music, and I have been helping them,” Crouch said. “One sister went to the middle school districts and got a two.”

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