Monkey bars, slides, summer fun coming to Wheaton

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

City purchases new playground equipment for $6,000

The city of Wheaton recently purchased new playground equipment for the city park, and it will be available to the residents this summer.

Josh Kinnaman, Wheaton utilities superintendent, said the city is purchasing a $6,000 used unit from Miracle.

“A sub contractor took it out of Webb City,” he said. “It is in Monett right now just waiting for us to pick it up.”

Kinnaman saids there are a few things the city will have to fix and replace on the playground equipment.

“It is basically in brand new condition,” he said. “But, if we had bought it brand new it would have cost us about $46,000. So we got a pretty good deal.”

Kinnaman said it comes with a few slides, monkey bars, climbers and many other things on which children can play.

“We have never really had a nice playground,” he said. “We had a backyard wooden unit that was put in in 2014, I tore that unit down in 2018 because it had just deteriorated so badly.”

Kinnaman said that kind of unit just wasn’t made for a city park and that much use.

“I will install the equipment so the city doesn’t have to contract that work out and pay more money,” he said. “Once everything is done, including concrete and work, it will only cost the city about $9,000 total.”

Kinnaman said he isn’t sure when the work will begin or exactly when it will be finished.

“I am working on getting some new decks for it,” he said. “But, I am pretty confident that it will be available this summer.”

Kinnaman said he thinks having a nice playground for the residents to take their children to play on will mean a lot to the community.

“We have just never had something like this,” he said. “I think people will really enjoy it, and hopefully it brings more people out to events we do there at the park.”

Kinnaman said there is an old swing set at the park that has been there since the 1980s.

“The plan is to tear that out and hopefully get a new swing set to put there,” he said. “We are keeping out eyes out for that as well.”

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