Wheaton schools prepping for facilities work

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Massey: ‘We are excited about this project’

CTS Group gave a presentation to the Wheaton Board of Education in April, which followed up with the final scope of work and the final gross maximum pricing for the projects that will take place over the summer.

The project list includes replacing several exterior windows, replacing three existing storefront door systems in the junior high and high school and two in the elementary, cafeteria and kitchen steel exterior doors, roof coating, HVAC automation system with a three year remote service, replacing the existing electrical panel with a new 200 AMP panel and the installation of a new 220V circuit to the sewer pump.

The gross maximum price for all projects came to $731,945. However, CTS Group listed four items that could be deducted to lower the price.

One major deduction was to switch from the automation HVAC system to a programmable system, which would save $30,000.

Then, the option to not use FRP doors at the entrances would have saved $15,000, and not using FRP doors in the cafeteria and kitchen would have saved $3,600.

Finally, the board was offered the option of not using mirror tint on the windows, which would save $6,000. The Board of Education decided to take that deduction.

After quite a bit of discussion about how much the district would save by using automation HVAC instead of programmable, they locked in the gross maximum price with CTS Group on the condition that CTS Group would bring information at the next board meeting in May about the energy and cost savings.

During the May board meeting, CTS Group presented the Wheaton Board of Education with a final presentation about the HVAC systems.

Some of the long term benefits of the more expensive automation HVAC system included long term scheduling, which means the school could pre-set the temperature in the building according to holidays, days off and early dismissal, which an administrator could set remotely rather than physically adjusting each thermostat.

Additionally, the individual thermostats do have an override function, which would still have a controlled temperature set by an administrator.

Finally, a huge benefit to the automation HVAC system is the three-year remote service for troubleshooting included in the $30,000 price.

CTS Group also included information about savings and payback in the presentation.

The automation HVAC system has a 6.4-year payback, and the programmable has a 6.6 year payback.

The automation HVAC system would save the district a total of $16,529 a year, and the programmable system would save the district $11,413 per year. The total cost for each system is $75,000 for the programmable HVAC system and $105,000 for the automation system.

The Board ultimately decided to purchase the automation HVAC system, bringing the gross maximum price of the project down to $725,945 with the one deduction of mirrored tint made.

Lance Massey, Wheaton superintendent, said CTS Group did offer an additional cost of $20,000 to extend the roof warranty to 20 years, which the board declined.

“We are excited about this project,” he said. “These will be things that will help us out over the long term for the school district.”

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