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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Wheaton schools updating devices for 1:1

Technology continuously changes, leaving behind an abundance of unusable, outdated devices, and the Wheaton school district came up with a plan for its leftover devices to prevent them from being thrown away.

Lance Massey, Wheaton superintendent, said because of the number of outdated iPads in the school district, selling them to a company who could refurbish them and re-sell them to other people could actually cost the district money due to shipping.

“We just wouldn’t get enough out of them selling them that way for it to be worth it,” he said. “The iPads we bought when we started the 1:1 program a few years back are to a point that they won’t update to the latest IOS system.”

Massey said when NWEA testing started last spring is when the school noticed those issues.

“The iPads wouldn’t update to allow our students to test on them,” he said. “NWEA testing is different from MAP testing and is a test done through the district that is not a state-mandated test.”

Massey said since the iPads wouldn’t update, they used the opportunity to start buying new iPads since the fall.

“Now, we are to a point to trying to get rid of the iPads that won’t update,” he said. “We have approximately 200 iPads to get rid of.”

Massey said the plan is to try to sell those iPads to employees and staff members at the school.

“They still work for some things, they just won’t update to what we need to be able to use them,” he said. “If there are more after trying to sell them that way, we will open it up to the parents of the students, then if there are still some iPads left over, we will sell them to the public.”

Massey said the school made a significant purchase of new iPads in October 2018. The 1:1 program outfits each students with a device to use for school.

“We were still 1:1 with the outdated devices,” he said. “But, now we are 1:1 with better equipment.”

Massey said there were a number of iPads that were still updatable.

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