New Police Officer patrolling Wheaton

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Chris Hutson hired for Wheaton Police Department

The city of Wheaton takes the safety of its residents serious, and with a new officer to help with patrols, it’s doubling its coverage time.

Clint Danforth, Wheaton police chief, said Chris Hutson was hired at $10.50 per hour for the 90-day probation period, then he will be paid $11 per hour.

“He lives in the surrounding area,” he said. “And he was last employed at the Diamond Police Department.”

Danforth said Hutson is a full-time employee and will be working nights.

“We had been looking for a new officer, and he was the only applicant we had,” he said. “Even in surrounding areas, applicants for police officers are very low right now.”

Danforth said with summer time coming, he was really looking for some help in the city.

“During the summer, we need more patrols overnight,” he said. “It has been just me for a while now.”

Danforth said the last officer that was hired didn’t stay on very long, and he ended up going to McDonald County.

“We want to make sure our town is safe and secure,” he said.

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