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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

CHS Alumni Association annual banquet

The annual Cassville high school Alumni Banquet is scheduled for Saturday, with doors opening at 4:30 p.m. and dinner served at 6 p.m.

Attendees will enjoy dinner, fellowship and a short program at $15 per person to attend.

Becky Henningson, CHS Alumni Association member, said the banquet has always been scheduled for the Saturday before Memorial Day.

“It started sometime in the late 1930s or early 1940s,” she said. “It is a great way for people to get together and visit with their past classmates.”

Henningson said it used to be kind of like a potluck dinner, but now, the event is catered.

“John Sullivan is doing it this year, and he has catered it in previous years,” she said. “Back when I graduated high school, there was a meal and a show that was put on.”

Henningson said they have realized that most of the time people want to get together and talk to each other.

“They sit and eat and catch up with everyone,” she said. “It is a really nice time.”

Henningson said they have noticed that the membership numbers have started to go down.

“We see that younger people don’t really show an interest in it,” she said. “We still have about 75-100 people.”

Henningson said the event costs $15 per person, and attendees get a meal and fellowship.

“Part of that cost goes to cover the cost of the food,” she said. “But, it also goes to the scholarship fund.”

Henningson said the CHS Alumni Association has been giving scholarships to seniors for years.

“The amount of money we can give depends on how much money we have,” she said. “This year, we are able to give four $500 scholarships to graduating seniors.”

Henningson said the scholarships are one of the main focuses of the CHS Alumni Association.

“We feel like we can help students this way,” she said. “It’s not a lot, but we know it helps some.”

Henningson said the scholarship fund is very important to them.

“Also, we are celebrating the 150-year anniversary for Cassville schools,” she said. “We have made so many different improvements in our school in the last several years, and that’s a really good thing.”

Henningson said the banquet is really interesting because people having their high school reunions sometimes do it there.

“We always try to recognize those classes and the oldest graduates that are there,” she said. “Then, we celebrate the graduates who will receive the scholarships.”

Henningson said she would love to see some new members from younger classes.

“It’s just a great way for them to stay in contact with classmates,” she said. “But also, it is a great opportunity for those younger graduates to meet some of the oldest members and talk and learn from them.”

For more information about the upcoming banquet or to RSVP, people may call Dayna at 417-847-2221.

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