Seligman considers adding Zoning Commission

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Clerk: Commission not needed in past due to little growth in city limits

The city of Seligman has not had a sitting Zoning Commission in years, and recent interest by the public could help change that.

Brian Nichols, Seligman city clerk, said Seligman has had zoning commissions in the past, but over time, members move away or stop going to meetings.

“There hasn’t been much of a need for it because there hasn’t really been much growth,” he said. “The Zoning Commission board would consist of seven members, five of which are private citizens, then the mayor and an alderman.”

Nichols said the only time there is the necessity for a Zoning Commission is when there is an issue or something needs to be changed.

“Trying to get seven private citizens to mesh their schedules to make time for a meeting can be difficult,” he said. “We do always need to have a sitting Zoning Commission for when issues arise.”

During the city council meeting in April, there was a citizen who brought up an issue with an ordinance that requires roofs to be no higher than a 4/12 pitch.

Nichols said if there was a sitting Zoning Commission, there would have been the possibility to go back and forth with them to come up with a different option.

“I honestly couldn’t say when the last time Seligman had a sitting Zoning Commission,” he said. “It was 2012 the last time I can recall speaking to members, but there wasn’t a change at that time that had to be made.”

Nichols said this situation is very similar to the Parks Commission.

“We had multiple members on that committee,” he said. “But, that fell apart due to everyone’s scheduling conflicts.”

Nichols said to change any kind of zoning issue there would have to be a recommendation from the zoning committee to the board.

“Currently, if the board wanted to make a change, they would have to write a proposal to the Zoning Commission, then, the Zoning Commission would vote yes or no on it.

“If the Zoning Commission voted no against something, the board cannot over rule that decision,” he said. “Although, Seligman doesn’t currently have a sitting Zoning Commission, so if we had five individuals who were ready to go at the next city council meeting the board could approve those members and the committee would be formed.”

Nichols said it can be a quick process as long as the people are ready to get on board.

“The tasks of a Zoning Commission would include: annexing property in or out of the city and any amendments to the zoning rules and regulations,” he said. “The way it would be set up really gives the public a voice and the opportunity to help make changes if they wanted it.”

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