Seligman renovates the City Park

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Bathrooms damaged due to vandalism

The weather is getting warmer and school will soon be out, which means the Seligman City Park will be filled with children and families enjoying their summer.

Brian Nichols, Seligman city clerk, said the State Highway DD park just inside the city is located right off Main Street.

“On the left hand side, there is an open field with a bathroom and a well house in the back,” he said. “On the right side, we have the ballfield.”

Nichols said the bathrooms at the ballfield were just recently renovated.

“Now, we are looking to purchase the additional fence top to go over the fence at the ballfield,” he said. “For 415 feet of fence top, it will cost $590.”

Nichols said currently the public has full access to the park, but the bathrooms are locked off.

“It isn’t the ballfield bathroom, it is the separate double stall bathroom on the left side of the park that is locked up,” he said. “Really it is just a winter time lockup, but we have had issues with vandalism and damage to doors, fixtures and toilets.”

Nichols said it is a very isolated area, which makes it an easy target.

“It doesn’t make sense why people are doing that,” he said. “The park is there for people to enjoy it. We aren’t the only town that has issues like this, but we have limited police here.”

Nichols said he has driven by the park in the evening and has seen people in the area trying to hide.

“There is a curfew at the park of 10 p.m.,” he said. “Catching people in the act of vandalism is the only way we can stop it.”

Nichols said due to vandalism the bathrooms are the only area of the park that have really had to have renovations.

“The fence top is to cover the top of the chain link fence for protection,” he said. “So, when a ball gets hit over the fence and someone goes after it they won’t hit the jagged part of the fence.”

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