Exeter school makes progress on project list

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Free roof audit, driveway bids accepted

The Exeter school district has been planning a few different projects for the campus, first looking to re-route the driveway to the playground so that children do not have to cross the street to get to it, and also completing a roof audit that would potentially show any signs of distress to the roof and help the district see to getting them fixed.

Ernest Raney, Exeter superintendent, said it would benefit the school to place a drive around the playground, opposed to having it run between the building and the playground.

“That’s so when children go out to play on the playground, they don’t have to cross the road, and a new drive would eliminate the potential for a hazard there,” he said. “Primarily, our motivation in doing this is the safety of the students.”

At the school board meeting in March, the board opened and voted on bids they had received for the project.

The district received bids from Couch Excavating Co. Inc. and Graham’s Excavating, and the difference in the bids came to a little more than $6,000.

Graham’s excavating won that bid with a $6,500 total. Couch’s bid was $12,600.

Raney said the driveway will be 30 feet wide and 250 feet long, and extend from the existing parking lot to the playground.

“The scope of the work included culverts and everything needed for proper drainage,” he said. “Both companies presented the bids, and I think they both do great work. As far as the work is concerned, I think either company would do great work.”

Raney said the Exeter school district has had work done by both companies in the past.

“The biggest thing it came down to was the price,” he said. “This project will just be more convenient for the students and staff to avoid going across the road.”

Raney said the plan is for Graham’s Excavating to come in when school is out and have it finished in two to three days.

Raney said concerning the roof audit, he had sent out requests for quotes to see how much that would cost the district.

“I got a reply from Harness Roofing that they would do the roof audit for free,” he said. “While they are here for the audit, I will have them look at the issue we have on the west side of the gymnasium and talk with them about what we can do to remedy the issue.”

Raney said if the problem is something simple enough to where the school’s maintenance crew can handle it, then that is what will happen.

“However, if it is something that we need more expertise and can’t do it ourselves, then we will see what we need to do from there,” he said. “Of course, if it is something that they need to do and can do with what equipment they bring we will probably just do that.”

Raney said he is expecting Harness Roofing to be at the campus within a week to do the audit.

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