Cassville High School presenting pair of plays

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Cassville High School will present the one-act play, “Alky,” by Jerome McDonough and “The Uninvited Ghost” by Le Roma Greth.

These performances will begin at 7 p.m. and continue throughout the evening on Tuesday at Cassville High School room 103. These productions involve both the Theatre Production class and Drama I.

“Alky” is a story about teenagers and alcohol abuse. The production takes theatre-goers through 5 stages of drunkenness — happy, excited, confused, stupor, and coma. There's one more stage, but drunkenness doesn't have that one all to itself.

This frightening portrayal of the horrors of drug and alcohol abuse shows children and young adults yielding to the almost irresistible lure of drugs — and suffering the miserable consequences.

“Most anti-drug plays turn off the very people that need the message,” said Talana Hinson, Cassville drama teacher. “We hope this production will be beneficial to all and to save somebody’s life by passing on this message.”

In “The Uninvited Ghost,” a group of fun-loving teenagers decide to invade the old Redcay mansion for fun. Of course, when they actually see a ghost and discover a beautiful young girl hidden in a closet, their fun turns into a real man-hunt or, rather, ghost-hunt.

“They suspect everybody and mishaps occur,” Hinson said. “Will they figure out who did it? Come out and help solve this fun and fast paced mystery.”