New camera at Wheaton doubles for security, sports

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Wheaton school district stumbles on way to stream games

What started as a security measure in Wheaton schools has lead to an external benefit, as the security camera that was installed in the gymnasium may double as a way to stream the games played in the gym.

Lance Massey, Wheaton superintendent, said a few months ago, during an “Intruder on Campus” drill, Wheaton Police Chief Clint Danforth had concerns about blind spots in the gymnasium that weren’t viewable by current cameras.

“Basically, we put up a new camera in the gymnasium to combat those concerns,” he said. “What that camera does is it shoot across the gymnasium to the back entrances.”

Massey said one of the pros that have come from the security camera is that it uses a wide angle lens.

“When we got it up, we realized it gives a lot of coverage on the gym floor,” he said. “One of the requests from the folks that work concessions and ticket booths, was that they love helping, but they miss the games.”

Massey said the district would like to utilize that camera technology and view to accommodate those requests.

“We would like to get a TV that we can put in the concession stand and maybe even in the lobby,” he said. “Then, we can stream the games to those TVs and the people working can see, but also, the guests who go to the concession stand will be able to keep up with the games.”

Massey said while the school was first trying to solve a security issue, it may be able to take care of a request that it has had from staff members and parents.

“We will see where that goes,” he said. “It will be something that we will probably try to fine tune over the summer and be ready for when school starts.”

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