Cassville author announces second book

Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Season of Madness, the second book in the Evershade series by Cassville author Prix Gautney, has been released by Oghma Creative Media. Her first book, Season of Crows, was published in 2018. Contributed photo

The woodland creatures of the utopian community of Evershade battle disease on two fronts in a new book by Cassville author Prix Gautney, recently released by Oghma Creative Media.

In Gautney’s young adult novel, Season of Madness, second in her Evershade series, a terrifying plague called “The Madness” ravages the countryside. But the Walnut Keepers of Evershade have other troubles. The king has fallen ill with “the fever,” and the illness is spreading through the community. The early symptoms of both illnesses are similar, so who has The Madness and who has the fever? When infected creatures from beyond Evershade’s borders begin wandering in, a terrible choice faces the peaceful, compassionate residents of Evershade. The only option seems to be to hunt the infected before they can infiltrate Evershade.

Gautney’s first novel, Season of Crows, follows the story of Ash, a young mouse trying to find his place in the world after the tragic loss of his entire family. As his life is turned upside down by a terrible drought and a deadly attack by the crows, Ash must find the courage to survive and protect the ones he loves.


Ash’s story continues in book two, along with a number of other characters Gautney’s readers have learned to love.

“Although Gautney’s books are primarily aimed at young adults, the complexity of the plots and the characters have won the hearts of readers of all ages, male and female,” said Susan Eschbach, president of the Mid South Writers Group, of which Gautney is a member. “Everyone can find one of her characters with whom he or she can closely identify. When one of them dies, it’s like losing a close friend.”

A full-time writer and mother, Gautney grew up in Jenkins.

“I began writing in elementary school and continued through high school,” Gautney said. “My elementary school did not have a library, only a bookmobile that would visit on occasion. My uncle gave me a typewriter so I could work seriously on my writing.”

Her early stories were intended to entertain her friends, but in the process, she discovered she had both a talent for and a love of writing. She graduated from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, in December 1996, with a degree in English Language and Literature, with a concentration in Creative Writing and a minor in Film Studies. She currently lives on three acres just outside of Cassville.

The Evershade series will include three additional books. The next in the series, Season of Storms, is currently scheduled for release later this year.

Both books are available at and For signed copies, contact Gautney at or on Facebook at authorprixgautney.