Eaton takes Exeter mayor with supermajority win

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

A four-man race for the mayor of Exeter was won by a supermajority on Tuesday, with Lance Eaton garnering 51 percent of the 155 votes cast.

Eaton tallied 79 votes, 50.97 percent, with Mike Vasey taking second with 29 votes, 18.71 percent. Kenen Martinez came in third with 27 votes, 17.42 percent, a Troy Berry took fourth with 20 votes, 12.9 percent.

Eaton said he was surprised by the margin of his victory.

I did not expect it to be that much of a spread, he said. I thought me and Vasey would be way closer.

Eaton said now that the race is over, hes ready to get into office and start working.

Im ready to get in and learn, and to see what i can do to make the city better, he said. A lot of people have said they would like to see a night cop, so I hope to see what I can do to get a second cop on duty.

Vasey he was glad to see Eaton win the race.

Lance ran a good, clean campaign, and if I didnt get it, Im glad he did, Vasey said. I hope Lance has a good, strong mind and that we get more new people on board.

Vasey said although he came up short in the mayoral race, hes hoping to run again for local office.

I will absolutely run again if a spot on the school board or city council opens up, he said. I think we need new faces, and the city is facing a lot of issues. Im thankful this was a good, clean campaign, and I hope we move the city forward as best we can.

Martinez said he was pleased to see the city have a contested race for mayor.

Im glad it was a contested race, and I think that going forward, that can only mean good things for the transparency of local government, he said. I congratulate Mayor-elect Eaton, and he ran an honorable, clean campaign.

Martinez said after Tuesdays result, he does not plan to run for office in Exeter again.

I will not be running in the future for city office, he said. I still have a lawsuit for my reinstatement [as police chief], but I will not run for office.

Berry did not answer calls for comment.

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