Vision 150 passes with 75 percent in favor

Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Melissa Vollenweider, of Cassville, casts her vote in the Municipal Election Tuesday at the Family Life Center using one of the new voting machines purchased by the Barry County Clerk’s Office. Kyle Troutman/

A $4 million no-tax-increase bond issue for the Cassville school district was approved in Tuesday’s Municipal election.

Proposition Vision 150 passed with 644 votes, 74.71 percent, in favor, and 218 votes, 25.29 percent, in opposition.

Richard Asbill, Cassville superintendent, said he is honored by the support of the patrons in regards to Proposition Vision 150.

“The teachers and board did great work asking and promoting the patrons on what we wanted,” he said. “Now, it is up to the board and the district to deliver.”

The $4 million Proposition Vision 150, is a ballot measure aimed to provide Cassville School with funds to address capital projects that will offer new, as well as, expand educational opportunities.

The projects on the list include, Early Childhood Center, renovation of facilities, learning and innovation, ADA accessible playgrounds, security and roof and general maintenance.

Vision 150 is about the district celebrating 150 years of Cassville School, and the vision for the next 150 years.

The first project is to allow the district to build and expand early childhood programs including, Parents as Teachers (PAT), Pre-School and Kinder-Academy.

Asbill said these programs need additional space for students and activities that aim to give the youngest students the best start at learning and life readiness skills.

Asbill said the next effort will focus on renovation of the classrooms in the old middle school, also called the “vintage wing.”

Asbill said it was built in the 1930s, there are only three outlets in each room — two originally — and the windows were replaced from the original single pane windows in the late 70s.

The third and final project for Vision 150 is to continue its focus on student needs, including security upgrades, ADA playground accessibility and general maintenance.

Asbill said Vision 150 allows the district to economically accomplish multiple capital project goals at once and continue future early maintenance and capital project goals.

Asbill said the plan is to expand that throughout the intermediate playground, as well as, the primary playground which will get some ADA accessible equipment and walkways.

Asbill said the first step for the district moving forward will be for the board to review and approve sale of the bonds.

“That will occur in April, and the official documents and process of selling the bonds will occur in May,” he said. “As far as renovations and when people will start to see some headway, the first thing that we will do is sit down with architects, engineers and construction groups to establish priority and cost.

“As soon as we establish that, we will start renovating those first- and second-grade rooms, starting with the cabinets. We hope to have that accomplished by August for the next school year.”

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