Spring cleaning opportunities springing up

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

BarCo cities set dates for city-wide cleanups, garage sale

Spring cleaning means getting rid of unwanted junk that has piled up, either by throwing it in the trash or by having a garage sale, and the cities in Barry County have set dates for the city-wide cleanups and garage sales for this year.

The city of Wheaton said it will be doing something a little different for the city-wide cleanup this year.

According to a Facebook post, April 30 will be the date for the city-wide cleanup. This will give people the whole weekend before to get all of their unwanted things to the curb. Just like last year, there will be someone picking up metal appliances, like stoves and refrigerators.

The city of Wheaton asks that people separate their metal from their regular trash, and as usual, no wet paint, tires, batteries or yard waste will be accepted. The city of Wheaton will pick up any used lumber and manageable tree limbs.

The Wheaton city-wide garage sale is scheduled for April 27.

Exeter has set a date for the city-wide garage sale on May 4, and the city-wide cleanup will be on May 7.

Myrna Eisenbraun, Exeter city clerk, said batteries, tires or yard waste will not be picked up during the cleanup.

“People can put out big appliances,” she said. “Even if the garbage company doesn’t pick them up, the city will.”

Debbie Redshaw, Purdy city clerk, said April 15 will be the Purdy city-wide cleanup day.

“We won’t take anything the landfills won’t take,” she said. “Also, big appliances with freon need to have the compressors taken out first.”

Redshaw said Purdy will not be having a city-wide garage sale this year.

“Over the last couple of years, there just hasn’t been enough interest in people having a garage sale,” she said. “People want to go to them, but nobody wants to have one.”

Emily Arnett, Washburn city clerk, said the city-wide garage sale is scheduled for the first weekend in June, Starting on May 31 and running through June 1.

“The city-wide cleanup will be on June 5,” she said. “Our trash company, Republic Services, won’t take glass, paint cans, tires, large appliances or yard waste.”

Jennifer Evans, Cassville city clerk, said the city-wide cleanup is the week of April 15-19, on normal scheduled service days, and is only for residents inside the city of Cassville.

Residents must have their acceptable items at the curb, where trash carts are normally set, no later than 7 a.m.

A few things that people in the city of Cassville need to know are; any non-acceptable items will be left at the curb for disposal by the resident, crews cannot access personal property to assist in moving items to the curb and cleanup will not take place at businesses, apartment buildings or at vacant homes.

Acceptable items for residents inside the city of Cassville to leave out for the cleanup include: indoor/outdoor furniture, beds/mattresses—(please limit large furniture and mattress items to two), hand and small power tools (must be removed of oil and fuel), weed eaters (must be drained of all fuel and oil), toys/basketball goals (must be broken down to 5-foot lengths or cannot be picked up), carpeting/padding (must be cut in 4-foot or smaller sections and kept to a maximum of 1-2 rooms), clothes, televisions/monitors and microwaves.

Items that will not be accepted during the Cassville city-wide cleanup include: tires/wheels, construction/large remodeling, brush/limbs/yard waste, items over 6 feet in length, rocks, bricks, concrete, bulk liquids, propane tanks, fluorescent/cfl/hid bulbs, batteries, appliances, large lumber or landscaping ties, medical items (needles), hazardous waste (including paint, oil, aerosol cans, fertilizers, etc.), or vehicle parts (motors, doors, hoods, riding mower, motorcycle, ATVs etc.)

The city of Cassville does not organize a city-wide garage sale.

Brian Nichols, Seligman city clerk, said the city-wide garage sale is scheduled for May 4.

“We always do the city-wide cleanup the week after that,” he said. “The city-wide cleanup is scheduled for May 11.”

Nichols said the trash provider brings in several large roll-off containers, and they will accept everything but paint and tires.

“They will take everything that will fit inside of the roll off containers,” he said. “We just ask that people put the items in the roll-off containers.”

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