Police recognized for life-saving effort

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

3 officers, resident performed CPR to save local woman

A normal day turned heroic recently when a local woman collapsed and her husband immediately started CPR, with Cassville police officers taking over and used an AED machine when they arrived on scene, saving the woman’s life.

Dana Kammerlohr, Cassville police chief, said the three officers — Det. Danny Boyd, Sgt. Donald Privett and Officer Stuart Lombard — as well as local man Charles Greek, were all presented letters of commendation for their work.

“We got a call through dispatch on the radio that a lady had collapsed,” she said. “She happened to be across the street from us at a local business.”

Kammerlohr said dispatch said the woman was unresponsive and CPR had been started.

“Officer Lombard automatically ran across the street,” she said. “Sergeant Privett got the AED and went across the street.”

Kammerlohr said Boyd was in his vehicle and heard the call over the radio and responded.

“When they got there Mr. Greek was performing CPR on his wife,” she said. “Officer Lombard took over CPR, and sergeant Privett set up the AED with assistance from Boyd.

“They all worked together, and shortly after, the paramedics where there.”

Kammerlohr said everyone involved did what needed to be done, and they did it well.

“Mr. Greek had the foresight to go ahead and start CPR, which helped her to survive the situation,” Kammerlohr said. “The paramedics did make a statement that the AED probably did the trick to bringing her back into rhythm.”

Kammerlohr said Greek received a letter of commendation for his actions, as well as the three officers.

“I didn’t come up with this saying, but I did put it on their letters, ‘Heroic actions are when ordinary people do extraordinary acts,’” she said. “I told the officers in the letter of commendation that, ‘The dedication to duty and action on the scene are keeping with the highest traditions of law enforcement officers. You have shown great honor not only to yourself, but also to your profession in the Cassville Police Department, in the City of Cassville.’”

Kammerlohr said she was told that the woman wasn’t feeling well that morning, but she had decided to go out to the flea market anyway.

“Because of that and where she collapsed, time-wise, all the stars were aligned,” she said. “Mr. Greek gave credit to God at the council meeting, because everything just worked in her favor.”

Kammerlohr said she is very proud of everyone involved.

Bill Shiveley, Cassville mayor, said when Kammerlohr sent him a text message to tell him about the incident, he felt just like a proud parent.

“The officers did what they were supposed to do, and they did a great job,” he said. “We haven’t had the AED for very long, so I am glad we have them. The AEDs are a great thing to have.”

Shiveley said he is happy that the officers and her husband were able to save a life.

“Everything turned out fine,” he said. “I agree with Mr. Greek, God had to have been working during this incident.”

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