Security, playground upgrades round out Vision 150 projects list

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Superintendent aims to work on projects that are purposeful, meaningful

The third project on the list for Cassville schools’ Vision 150 proposition, is to continue its focus on student needs with security upgrades, ADA playground accessibility and general maintenance.

If the Vision 150 proposition is not passed, the district will have to postpone certain projects inevitably. In this case, the most critical maintenance and security needs will be planned first.

The early childhood expansion and middle school renovation projects are highest on the list of projects in the Vision 150 bond issue, which requires a 4/7ths approval from voters on April 2 to pass.

Vision 150 allows the district to economically accomplish multiple capital project goals at once and continue future early maintenance and capital project goals.

Richard Asbill, Cassville superintendent, said one of the first things the school would do is renovate some of the first and second grade classrooms.

“We intend to add upper and lower cabinets and counter space to our first and second grade classrooms,” he said. “That will give those classes some needed upgrades regarding how they provide workspace for teachers and students, as well as, how they take care of their resources.”

Asbill said the next part is to start on the security upgrades.

“This will include some door security access systems, replacing some doors and adding key card scan in systems,” he said. “This will be through the entire campus.”

Asbill said another component to the security system is an intercom system.

“We have an intercom system currently,” he said. “The primary has their own, the intermediate has the newest version, the middle school has a version that has been added on to the intermediate. The problem is that we don’t have the additional room to grow with our system, and they are separate systems.”

Asbill said with the current set up, there is no way to communicate with the high school.

“We are looking into a district-wide intercom system that would also provide our tornado, fire and intruder system alarms,” he said. “Some of the areas that we are building, like the Vintage wing, doesn’t have good intercom coverage, and the gyms that, by association of having a large and loud space, the speakers aren’t gaged for that type of audience.”

Asbill said the American Disabilities Act (ADA) playground accessibility improvements have already started.

“We started that in the intermediate school,” he said. “That was something that we wanted to kick-off and demonstrate what we are talking about, and we had some needs there in the intermediate school, as well.”

Asbill said the plan is to expand that throughout the intermediate playground, as well as the primary playground, which will get some ADA accessible equipment and walkways.

“For the intermediate playground, we are looking at what is referred to as an all-purpose playground area, which really means we are trying to provide playground turf so that the children can play on that area,” he said. “Whether it be the fall, winter or spring, we won’t have to worry about if the grass is growing or it being too muddy.”

Asbill said that will make the playground useable all throughout the school year.

“The last playground project is the pre-school playground,” he said. “If the voters approve the Vision 150 early childhood part, we can add a playground that is specifically for our pre-school students.”

Asbill said that project will occur simultaneously with the first project.

“We have already started on these projects, so we will just continue that process throughout the others,” he said. “Some of the larger items, like a playground structure, will have to be coordinated with an installer. We would get the sidewalks in place so those can be installed.”

Asbill said as far as the general maintenance projects, there are some roofing needs.

“We have done really well with that, but there are a couple of areas that we would like to get taken care of,” he said. “There are small areas throughout the campus that need that attention, and we would like to be able to jump on all of those at one time and do a complete roof project.”

Asbill said the district asks for money and incorporates projects that are purposeful and meaningful, like roofs, security, renovation and early childhood.

“We try to make sure that we come to the voters with practical approaches,” he said. “The maintenance of our facility is very important, and when we can upgrade, it is a key component to making sure it lasts for awhile.”

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