Exeter Mayor Questionnaire: Troy Berry

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

1. Why do you want to win this position?

I am concerned about our town and donít want to see it go downhill. We had a good mayor, who was a man I respected, and I think in political office you need to help people and be a good listener to get things done.

2. If elected, what is your number one goal as mayor?

My number one goal is to make sure everything gets done the proper way and to work with city officials.

3. What areas of the city do you think need improvement?

The streets and sewer for one. I am also concerned about the safety of the people, especially the children and elderly in town.

4. What ideas do you have to help improve economic development or increase tax revenues?

I do not want to raise taxes. I think we can get by on what we have coming in. We have to balance the budget and learn to work with what we have.

5. What do you feel is most important for raising the quality of living in the city of Exeter?

Itís important that we have good drinking water, and we do have that. There was a girl bitten by a dog recently while walking up the street, and when they called 911, they couldnít care less about our city because we do not have a cop on duty. If someone needs help, we need to be able to give it to them. I donít think 911 helps with anything and itís a waste of money. You have to go through a whole rigmarole to get any help. We need to be asking more questions and be concerned about the safety of the people.

6. The Exeter Police Department has had considerable turnover in recent years. What approach would you take to help get more consistent leadership in the department?

I will work with law enforcement to see what can be done to help them out and better benefit the city. I know they need help in some ways, but I have to wait until Iím elected to talk to them.

7. City Hall is facing a number of structural issues. Would you prefer to renovate the current city hall or look toward moving into another building?

Iíd rather remodel the building we have now, unless if it costs too much. I do not want to move into a new building that would require just as much work, so remodeling the one we have now is the best move. It may cost a lot, but buying another building is also not cheap. I know a lot about real estate and what it costs to renovate and buy.

8. What is your philosophy on leadership and how do you plan to work with the current city council and city staff?

I would get along with them the same way because you canít get any progress done if you donít work together.

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