Exeter Mayor Questionnaire: Michael Vasey

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

1. Why do you want to win this position?

My reason for running is that Exeter is a nice little town and needs leadership. The city has gotten stagnant, and we have got to build it back up and address numerous things. We have a nice school, and i want to be part of the future and to help build the city back up. I have a management background and my occupations in the past are essential to helping the city move forward

2. If elected, what is your number one goal as mayor?


My number one goals is to address issues facing the city like sewer, water and streets. We also need to address ordinances that no longer apply to us and get those off the books. But, sewer is the biggest concern right now.

3. What areas of the city do you think need improvement?

We have outgrown our current city hall. The building is too small, and the structure is in bad shape. That is another concern that needs to be addressed.

4. What ideas do you have to help improve economic development or increase tax revenues?

I believe we have to be more competitive and work closely with the state and schools to bring more revenue back to town. We also need to clean the city up so businesses would want to come back. This is kind of a retirement town where people have worked their whole lives for what they’ve got, and we have to take pride in it. If we need to, we can do things like other towns, like have carnivals or events to bring more revenue into the city.

5. What do you feel is most important for raising the quality of living in the city of Exeter?

I believe to raise the quality of life, we have to enforce the ordinances we have on the books and stay on top of that. There are a lot of run down houses we need to address. If we clean the city up, we can get quality people back into town.

6. The Exeter Police Department has had considerable turnover in recent years. What approach would you take to help get more consistent leadership in the department?

Leadership at the Exeter Police Department need the right tools to work with. We also have to increase the pay, because $10 an hour is nothing. You can’t raise a family on that. Better pay will bring quality people and good leadership. I know the city does not have the finances right now, but in time, we can do more if we get more revenue. Better leadership will come with a permanent schedule and adequate tools.

7. City Hall is facing a number of structural issues. Would you prefer to renovate the current city hall or look toward moving into another building?

I would address that if elected mayor, and I lean toward getting us a bigger building. Our city hall was big enough in the past, but with all the departments and the city court, we have outgrown it. We need a more professional looking building. I would look to expand, whether that means building onto our current building or finding a new building.

8. What is your philosophy on leadership and how do you plan to work with the current city council and city staff?

I believe you have to go in there and have guidelines. I work well with people, and a good debate is healthy. You have to take all the opinions, thoughts and considerations. I think the leadership with employees has been a little relaxed, and we need to communicate better with city employees and the council.

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