Wheaton prepping for roof work

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Cosmetic work being done on water towers, new roof on shop

The City of Wheaton is preparing for the new roof project on the utilities shop to be started, and officials are determining plans for a new paint job on all three water towers.

Joshua Kinnaman, City of Wheaton utilities superintendent, said the roof on the old fire house should be completed sometime in March.

“People still call it the old fire house, but in August 2018, it became the utilities shop,” he said. “The Fire Department got a new fire house at that time.”

Kinnaman said the city had already approved the bid of $17,000 for the project.

“There were a bunch of leaks in the roof that needed to be fixed,” he said. “It is the original roof that was put on years ago.”

Kinnaman said the building is located just east of City Hall.

“We are just waiting on the contractor to finish up his current job,” he said. “The project will start in a couple of weeks and will only take about a month to finish.”

Kinnaman said JBS Construction, out of Ridgley, will be doing the work.

In addition to the roof, the city of Wheaton is looking to repaint the water towers in town.

“It has been a long time since those were painted,” Kinnaman said. “It is a cosmetic project, but it really needs to be done.”

Kinnaman said there are three water towers in town.

“The one tower on Carnes Street that has a bulldog and paw prints on it,” he said. “So when we repaint that one we will keep that design on it.”

Kinnaman said the tower behind City Hall will still say Wheaton on it.

“We will do one at a time year after year, depending on the budget,” he said. “The tower on Carnes Street will cost about $24,000 to paint.”

Kinnaman said when the budget is approved, they can determine when the city can take bids and start on the tower project.

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