Exeter School District upgrades furniture

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

$11,287 to replace tables and chairs for district’s use

The Exeter school district will purchase 700 new chairs, as well as three new lunch tables, for a total cost of $11,287.

Ernest Raney, Exeter superintendent, said the process before to get chairs the school needed for events, was to borrow them from the Cassville Life Center.

“It would generally happen when it was cold outside,” he said. “So they are trying to keep heat in their building, and we raise the garage and that lets all the heat out.”

Raney said it would also interrupt the classes that were going on.

“They never said anything, and they were always willing to help us out,” he said. “They never turned us down, and they always made the chairs available for us when we needed them.

“However, it was an inconvenience for them, and for us also, due to the amount of time and number of trips it would take to get them all.”

Raney said the district now has storage space available to them to store the chairs.

“Each chair costs $8.50 and there is a $500 charge for shipping,” he said. “In total, the chairs will cost us $6,500. They are all black, so we will have a uniformed look, as well.”

Raney said the chairs have a 650-pound capacity and with their durability they will last awhile.

In addition, the Exeter school district will purchase three new lunch tables to replace three that have had issues with legs and wheels.

“We got the current six tables for about $200 per table six or seven years ago,” Raney said. “We have noticed some problems with three of them, the issues are with the legs and wheels buckling under.”

Raney said in the multi-purpose room, the outer edge of the floor is plastic edging and the tables have to go over that every day.

“As you roll them and they hit that plastic, if they aren’t at the right angle they buckle,” he said. “The tables are heavy and the way the rollers are designed cause that issue.”

Raney said over the years that kind of use wears them out.

“We have straightened them out a few times,” he said. “However, after a while, the metal doesn’t hold up, and we lose the wheels on them.”

Raney said the tables will cost $1,329 per table for a total of $4,787.31 including shipping.

“The way the tables are constructed, they will have a longer durability,” he said. “The way the metal comes down and around it is all one piece. We have other tables like them that are several years old, and we haven’t had any issues with the legs.”

Raney said the money will come from the district funds for replacement of furniture and equipment.

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