Sales tax revenues lower in February

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Receipts nonetheless better than 2 years ago

Sales tax revenues to Barry County city and county governments dropped 9 percent in February after seeing a spike a year ago.

In general, revenues landed slightly higher than two years ago, reflecting a positive trend.

Barry County’s seven cities receiving sales tax took in $593,400.96, down 9 percent from last February. Purdy alone beat the sum from a year ago.

Cassville’s 1 percent sales tax for paying general bills generated $76,881.97, a drop of 11,440.21, but still $500 better than two years ago. Seligman’s 1 percent tax yielded $10,791.36, down $2,720.66 from last year but up more than $2,600 from 2017. Wheaton’s 1 percent tax, again oddly producing more than three times what its .5 percent tax yielded, received $4,205.03, down $6,517.51, 60 percent less than a year ago, while the total was still three times the amount taken in two years ago.

The two smallest towns saw drops two years in a row. Exeter’s 1 percent tax yielded $1,610.86 for the general fund, down $501.57 from last February and also nearly $300 under the 2017 sum. Washburn’s 1 percent tax produced $1,076.06, down $398.65 from a year ago, and down less than $100 from two years ago.

Monett’s two sales taxes totaling 1 percent for general revenue generated $164,327.07, the second highest February on record, though down $5,487.18 from a year ago. The sum helped boost the 11-month fiscal year total to $1,836,246.68, sustaining a record pace for the third consecutive year, nearly $20,000 ahead of last year. The calendar year total of $334,735.18 is more than $28,000 under the start of 2018.

Purdy bucked the downward trend by receiving $4,999.12 from its 1 percent tax paying general bills, up $484.35 from a year ago. Though falling in mid-range of the nine years Purdy has had one tax for the general fund, the sum represented the sixth rise over the eight-month fiscal year.

Purdy’s $46,489.55 fiscal year total was the highest in three years, eclipsed only in 2015 and 2016 over the nine-year period. The 2018 sum of $12,105.54, the best showing in those nine years.

Barry County’s two .5 percent taxes for the general fund each received $161,756, reflecting a drop of more than $25,516 each. Both are up more than $5,000 over the start of 2018.

Barry County’s sales tax for funding the 911 system, which bypasses the county and goes directly to the emergency services board, took in $121,317.41, down $19,132.49 from last February. After two months, the 2019 sum reached $249,499.56, up nearly $4,500 from a year ago.

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