Exeter school district accepting bids for roof

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Maintenance and prevention both play a part

Over the years, as any homeowner knows, roofs become worn and leaky, and to combat this issue, the Exeter school district will repair current issues and possibly have an audit of the roof done to keep an eye on any possible future issues.

Ernest Raney, Exeter superintendent said, there is a slow leak on the west side of the gymnasium.

“We are going to have a company come in to repair that,” he said. “I called an architectural firm, which back in 2007 when the district built the multi purpose room, did a lot of work on the roof.”

Raney said they were able to recommend a roofing company that could do the roof repair.

“I reached out to that roofing company to see what they would charge for the repair, and also to do an audit of the roof to see where everything is at and what to look for,” Raney said.

Raney said their expertise will help guide the district in decisions going forward concerning the roof.

“I got a quote and an offer on the project,” he said. “The board has decided to reach out and get a couple more bids for the project. During the next school board meeting, they will review that and decided what they want to do.”

Raney said there are a couple of different options for moving forward not his.

“We can do the repairs and the audit,” he said. “Or we can do the repairs and do the audit at another time.”

Raney said the audit of the roof will cover the entire campus, not just the gymnasium roof.

“There was a bid of $3,125 that would cover the repairs and the audit,” he said. “The question was asked, ‘Does that guarantee the leak will be fixed?’ I can’t speak for the company to that.”

Raney said he doesn’t anticipate that there are any structural issues with the gymnasium that would hinder the repair.

“The company did say they could come in and address the leak and complete an audit for that price,” he said. “That was just the first bid we received, and we will still take others for the board to decide on.”

Raney said it could even be determined to just fix the leak and hold off on the audit.

“The reason that is a possibility, is because the roof that was done in 2007 on the other parts of the campus still has several year on its life expectancy,” he said. “Not that we are pressed for time, it is just a good idea to have everything looked at. If we have an unexpected leak show up or anything that could cause an issue like that, an audit could give us a heads-up for that.”

Raney said there is a possibility to save money on a roofing issue if it is caught ahead of time and repaired.

“The roof on the gymnasium is original,” he said. “It has been repaired and maintenanced over the years, but it hasn’t been completely replaced.”

Raney said it was 10 to 15 years ago that a sealant coat was put on the roof.

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