Southwest schools update supplies for students

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Safety precautions aim to keep students safe

Southwest schools is replacing its set of Chromebooks for students, and the district is looking to increase safety at the bus stop down Highway 90 for students.

Tosha Tilford, Southwest superintendent, said the Chromebooks that were approved in the December Board of Education meeting for the high school have all been labeled and distributed to the classrooms.

“[Our staff] did an excellent job and worked over Christmas break to have this completed when the students returned for second semester,” she said. “Our students live in a digital age. If we did not change instruction practices with the various needs of the students and the wants of their future employers, we would not be educating leaders of the future.”

Tilford said a statement educators live by today is that they are educating students for future jobs and careers that have yet to be developed.

“The purpose is to move to digital assignments and submissions of assignments,” she said. “Southwest High School has had Chromebooks for four years, and this happens to be the replacement for the first set that the district purchased.”

Tilford said the students do not take the Chromebooks home.

“The cost depends on the bids that we receive,” she said. “To supply the entire high school with the replacement Chromebooks, it cost the district $65,762.00, at $216.50 each.”

Tilford said every student, kindergarten through 12th grade at Southwest, has a Chromebook available for their use in class.

Tosha said also, at the January meeting, an update regarding a “Bus Stop Ahead” sign on Highway 90 was made.

“I was contacted by a grandparent about student safety at a pick-up/drop-off point down Highway 90,” she said. “I called Dusty Sears with MoDOT and gave him the address.”

Tilford said he measured and reported back to her that the measurements met the specifications, and the paperwork was being filed for the warning sign.

“Since the beginning of school, Keith has had a bus following the drop-off bus stop before the corner and turn their flashers on so that there would be an extra layer of protection for the students,” she said. “Even with the warning sign, I am going to ask Keith to have the bus drivers continue this safety practice.”

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