City of Seligman buys $12,400 mower

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Clerk: Quality, dependability, durability all came into play

Purchasing a new mower can be pricey, and the city of Seligman wants to be sure its Kubota mower will hold up to the city’s needs.

Brian Nichols, Seligman city clerk, said the city decided to go with a Kubota mower from Crown Power & Equipment, in Monett.

“Overall, equipment-wise, it is a better quality mower,” he said. “We have had a long standing experience with Kubota mowers. They definitely hold up. Our last one lasted more than 12 years, and in fact, it is still going.”

Nichols said other than that, the decision included the parts availability.

“We still have a trip to Monett to see if we will buy any other parts,” he said. “That is a much shorter drive than some of the other locations to just get parts.”

Nichols said the mower comes with a two-year warranty.

“The motor itself, I believe, carries a little bit of a longer warranty,” he said.

Nichols said there were some other locations that were discussed, simply based on dealers in close proximity to Seligman.

“We did that so we could get some bids on everything,” he said. “For any large purchases more than $5,000, we do a competitive bid. We can seek out bids for different options that way.”

Nichols said the total price for the mower is $12,400.

“The Kubota mower was just a better option for us all around,” he said. “The runner up mower would have been the Grasshopper, which was about $1,700 more expensive.”

Nichols said that if the city had purchased the Grasshopper mower, it would still have had the Kubota motor in it, so it was a solid choice.

“We had another company that we were looking at,” he said. “It turned out that the parts and deck just weren’t up to the quality of a Kubota mower.”

Nichols said the price difference there was about $400.

“If the parts weren’t going to hold up, it was worth the extra $400 over years of usage,” he said.

Nichols said the new mower is the same model as its old mower, but newer.

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