Seligman hopes to fund new software with grant

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

$17,949 program offers more options for users

New user-friendly records management software is available, and the Seligman Police Department is applying for a Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) to help cover its cost.

Brian Nichols, Seligman city clerk, said this program allows for the police department to purchase new software.

“We like the software that we use now,” he said. “However, the options with the new software are really nice.”

Nichols said that the grant that the Police Department is writing for is $17,949.

“That will completely cover the cost of the new software,” he said. “There is no obligation for anything when applying for the grant. If we don’t get it, we just won’t get it.”

Nichols said he is waiting on the paperwork to be signed, and March 1 is the first day the city can apply for it.

“We just had to have approval from the board to go ahead and apply for it, and we got it,” he said.

Matt Phillips, Seligman Police Chief, said Incode is the software that the department is wanting to switch to.

“The big difference is that Incode has more options and is more user-friendly,” he said. “Also, the way we report to the state will change.”

Phillips said the department does Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR), but wants to switch to National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS).

“NIBRS will submit to the state automatically,” he said. “That saves time from us having to manually key in everything.”

Phillips said the current software Information Technologies, Inc. (ITI) just isn’t very user friendly.

“We have been using this system since October 2017,” he said. “The reason we changed at that time, was that ITI had more options than what we had then.”

Phillips said at that time, the Police Department did not receive a grant for that purchase of ITI, and it cost about $3,400 annually.

“With Incode, there will be an annual fee,” he said. “From the $17,949, about $9,000 is for the software to be built.”

Phillips said that the annual fee will then be about $8,000.

“The plan is to apply for the JAG every year to pay for the annual fees,” he said. “If we get the grant for this year to get the Incode software, and then we apply next year to pay for the annual fee but don’t get it, we will then apply for the Walmart grant to help bring that cost down to what we were paying before with ITI.”

Phillips said the Rogers (Ark.) Police Department uses the Incode software.

“I heard about it through them, and they have very good things to say about it,” he said.

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