Going away party held for local doctor

Wednesday, February 6, 2019
During the going away party for Dr. Jamie Zengotita on Thursday, Karen Gohr dished out cake and Nicki Gamet poured punch for co-workers, patients and friends who came to say goodbye to their beloved doctor. Jordan Privett/jprivett@cassville-democrat.com

Mercy Clinic bids farewell to loved co-worker

Dr. Jamie Zengotita, at Mercy Clinic Cassville, is moving on with an administrative promotion, and the hospital and its patients threw him a going away party on Thursday to show their support.

Taylor Weaver, practice manager at Mercy Clinic Cassville, said Zengotita is a family medicine doctor and typically sees the more chronic patients, but he can see anybody.

More than 50 people showed up at Thursday’s going away party for Dr. Jamie Zengotita. They enjoyed a video that was put together by patients and co-workers wishing Dr. Zengotita blessing in his new adventures. Jordan Privett/jprivett@cassville-democrat.com

“It was open to the public because he has a patient base of a little over 3,000 people,” she said. “He has impacted the community in his 14-plus years here.”

Weaver said Zengotita is a great influence to people and is a great pillar in the community.

“We put on a video to surprise him with from patients to staff where they all said thank you and gave well-wishes,” she said. “We put that together as a keepsake for him.”

During the going away party for Dr. Jamie Zengotita on Thursday, many people stood and shared memories, support and love for Dr. Z. His wife, Itza Zengotita, held one of Jamie’s nurse’s babies, one-month-old Jolee Goetz, and enjoyed listening to friends, co-workers and patients give their speeches for her husband. Jordan Privett/jprivett@cassville-democrat.com

Weaver said Zengotita has been with Mercy Clinic Cassville for more than 14 years, and he truly connects with his patients.

“He is extremely compassionate and caring,” she said. “He is willing to work patients into his schedule, and his care for his patients goes far beyond their physical needs.

“He prays with his patients and is always available for emotional support.”

Weaver said Zengotita got an administrative promotion, which is why he is leaving.

“Mercy partnered with GoHealth, which is like an urgent care in Springfield, and they are opening up five additional facilities in Springfield and in Northwest Arkansas,” she said. “Dr. Zengotita is going to oversee all of those clinics.”

Zengotita said he will be the medical director for the Springfield and Northwest Arkansas markets.

Weaver said as a co-worker to Zengotita, she is devastated that he will be leaving.

“He is leaving a hole that cannot be filled,” she said. “There is no one like Dr. Zengotita. As a person, he is just irreplaceable, and to have his support is amazing.”

Weaver said Zengotita loved his clinic, patients and co-workers like family.

“Dr. Zengotita and Dr. [Connie] Butler have worked together for years, and they designed and built this clinic together,” she said.

Butler, family practitioner at Mercy Clinic Cassville, said Zengotita has been an outstanding partner and a huge part of the community.

“He will be incredibly missed,” she said. “It has been and honor to work with him, and we have really grown in our practice together.”

Butler said she and Zengotita both came on as young physicians and have worked side by side for more than a decade.

“He is extremely selfless in his relationship with his patients, and he is the same way when working with him,” she said. “He cares about his co-workers, and our relationship as leaders of the clinic. He puts the good of the patients and his co-workers ahead of himself.”

Butler said she wanted Zengotita to feel honored and loved at the party.

Zengotita said the decision to leave was very difficult.

“I have been at Mercy in Cassville for a little more than 14 years,” he said. “My heart has always been with the community and with the patients.”

Over the last 10 years, Zengotita said he has done both patient care and administrative work.

“I do enjoy the aspects of my administration duties,” he said. “The opportunity arose where I could do some patient care and more administrative work, and I debated if I should do it or not because I do understand the need in the community for providers and physicians.”

Zengotita said ultimately, this opportunity was a good fit for what he was looking for to benefit his family.

“It was a heart-breaking choice for me to leave,” he said. “I prayed quite a bit about this, and I consulted with administration and co-workers about this decision. It was not a decision I took lightly.”

Zengotita said he will still work with Butler in the process of recruiting another doctor to replace him.

“I know I am leaving the clinic in very capable hands,” he said. “My heart is still here with this community.”

Zengotita said he will not be moving, so he will continue to be a part of the community.

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