Pair of businesses decline Washburn annexation

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Businesses on city’s water system, but not sewer

There are pros and cons to being annexed into city limits, and two businesses in Washburn recently decided to not be annexed into the city.

Cheryl Floyd, Washburn alderwoman and Washburn Area Chamber of Commerce treasurer, said the issue of annexing those businesses was brought up at the city council meeting after being brought up at the Chamber meeting.

“We had questioned why certain property and two businesses aren’t annexed into the city limits,” she said. “Country package is annexed in, but the way it is set is that it goes around that business and avoids the two businesses that didn’t want to be annexed in.”

Floyd said in the state of Missouri, people have the right to say they do not want to be annexed into city limits.

“I was told by a couple people that said they have spoken to those businesses and they really do not want to be annexed in,” she said. “One benefit for them not being annexed in is that they don’t pay city taxes.”

Floyd said the businesses are on city water but are not on city sewer.

“The benefit for them to be annexed in would be that they would have city sewer, in case anything were to go wrong with their system,” she said. “It would also be a plus for the city, because those business addresses say Seligman, even though they are practically in Washburn.”

Floyd said an advantage of businesses being part of the city is that they have a say so about things that may happen to the city.

“Also, if there were ever a problem and they needed police they would be able to use the city police, rather than calling county out here,” she said.

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