Sales tax income jumps for Barry County in January

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Almost all recipients see jump after disappointing December

After a drops in sales tax incomes to Barry County and its cities in December 2018, incomes leaped in January, especially for the county and city of Cassville.

Barry County’s two half percent sales taxes supporting the general fund and roads each produced $170,918 in January, up $31,492 from a year ago, though nearly $23,000 under the start of 2017.

Barry County’s 911 sales tax received $128,182.15 in January, up $23,617.90 from the start of 2018.

Barry County’s seven cities collecting sales tax saw receipts of $607,084.83, up 24 percent with all cities contributing to the rise.

Cassville saw a record breaking January, receiving $82,850.86 from its 1 percent sales tax for the general fund, up $13,800.51, or 20 percent from a year ago. Seligman’s 1 percent tax produced $8,281.07, up $2,906.61 and close to the 2017 record. Wheaton’s unpredictable 1 percent tax, producing three times what its half-cent tax made in January, yielded $4,848.90, up $3,009.23 or more than two-and-a-half times when came in last January.

Showing more incremental gains was Washburn with its 1 percent general fund tax generating $1,978.96, up $154.15 from a year ago. Exeter’s 1 percent tax received $1,736.26, a gain of $183.90 over last January.

Monett’s two sales taxes generating revenue for the general fund totaling 1 percent generated $163,221.56 in January, up $26,360.44 from a year ago. It was the third-highest disbursement for the month in 12 years. The gain continued the up-and-down every other month pattern that has characterized Monett’s sales tax income for most of the past year.

The gain gave Monett’s fiscal year sum from the general fund a tally of $1,671,919.61, up more than $20,000 from a year ago for a new 10-month record.

Purdy followed Monett’s lead by seeing its 1 percent sales tax paying general bills produce $7,106.42, up $4,822.73, or more than three times last January’s payment. The sum re-righted Purdy’s fiscal year trend, pushing it back over last year with $41,490.43, up by around $2,500 after December’s shortfall. It was the best January showing since the city dropped to a single sales tax supporting the general fund in 2011.

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