Seligman annual call stats released

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

City police hiring part-time officers

Seligman Police Department took 1,260 calls for service in 2018 and is in the process of hiring and training more part-time officers to offer more coverage throughout the week and weekends.

Matt Phillips, Seligman chief of police, said of the 1,260 calls for service, 273 of them were traffic stops.

“There were 361 tickets issued and 167 warnings for the year of 2018,” he said. “The 1,260 calls include everything that is dispatched for medical, disturbances, animal calls and assist other agencies.”

Phillips said he hasn’t noticed any specific trends the calls for 2018.

“Looking at the calls, there were more calls in 2017, but we also had more coverage at the time,” he said. “The calls have been about the same in nature that they always are.”

Phillips said to combat any issues in Seligman they have decided to hire more officers.

“By having more part-time officers, we will be able to fill those gaps in coverage,” he said. “We have the budget for it, we just don’t have the individuals yet.”

Phillips said he believes that will help quite a bit in city limits.

“I have been working a lot of evenings and weekends, and with this, my position will be full-time more throughout the week,” he said. “As far as pay goes, we were paying for 40 hours of coverage a week from me, but I was averaging about 50 hours of coverage a week.”

Phillips said he is looking to hire four part-time officers to spilt up an additional 40 hours a week.

“So that bumps us up to 80 hours of coverage a week,” he said. “The officers that we are looking to hire are currently working for other agencies, and will continue to work at those agencies.”

Phillips said the training process is different for everyone.

“It really depends on how often they ride, and how fast they can learn the system, policies and the city limits,” he said. “I do have one officer that was already familiar with the system that we use, so training him wasn’t difficult.”

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