Washburn gains support from MRWA

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

$175 for 2019 to be a part of the Voluntary Legislative Assessment

The Missouri Rural Water Association (MRWA) has invited the city of Washburn to be a part of a Voluntary Legislative Assessment Program for the 2019 calendar year.

Emily Arnett, Washburn city clerk, said the MRWA will stand up for small cities like Washburn.

“If we have an issue or the Department of Natural Resources implements a new policy that doesn’t work for the smaller cities, we can say, ‘Hey, [MRWA], this doesn’t work for us,’” Arnett said. “Then, the [MRWA] goes on to speak up for the smaller towns.”

Arnett said a few years ago, before her time, it was decided people in cities of a certain size could only irrigate so much water onto their property from the lagoon.

“For the amount of water that we usually get a year from rainfall, it wasn’t equaling out for us,” Arnett said. “If we had been a part of this back then, we could have asked the MRWA to speak up for us.”

According to Arnett, the MRWA will also keep the city of Washburn informed in any changes and updates to any water legislation that may be passed and affect the city.

“We are a part of the [MRWA], and we have been for awhile,” she said.

According to Arnett, the city will pay $175 to be a part of the Voluntary Legislative Assessment Program.

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