25 local food services received Silver Spoon award

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Barry County Health Department is pleased to announce that 25 of the 179 food establishments in Barry County will receive the 2018 Silver Spoon award.

The awards are presented to food establishments in Barry County that did not have any priority or core health violations and had a valid permit between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31 of 2018.

This is the tenth year that the health department has recognized establishments for demonstrating excellence in public food safety through the Silver Spoon award. The frequency of inspection of each food establishment is determined by public health priority, which is calculated by a risk assessment worksheet. Establishments are rated as high, medium, or low priority.

Eleven establishments that are rated high, and are inspected a minimum of three times per year, are recipients of the 2018 Silver Spoon Award. They are: Cassville Intermediate School, Cassville High School, Cassville Primary/Middle School, Mercy Hospital, Exeter schools, Cox Monett Hospital, Monett Senior Center, Purdy schools, Central Crossing Senior Center, Shell Knob School and Terry’s Café.

There are three medium rated establishments that received the honor. These food service facilities are inspected a minimum of twice a year. They are: Roaring River Waterslide, Little Tommy’s and Subway #17461 (Shell Knob).

A total of eleven establishments with a low-priority rating achieved the Silver Spoon. Low priorities are inspected at least once a year. The establishments are: Herb Depot & Organic Market, Modern Variety, Tried & True Tans & Sno, and VB Hall Antique Warehouse (Monett); G’s Orchard (Verona); Nita’s Cakes, Big M Marina and Roaring River State Park Store (Cassville); L & L Stop & Shop (Exeter), Edgewood Creamery (Purdy) and The Red Barn Antiques (Shell Knob).

The Health Department congratulates these establishments and hopes the recognition will encourage all food establishments to strive to provide the safest food to Barry County residents.