City estimates $200K for 7th Street bridge

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Project aims for August completion, in time for ball season

Estimates and a design have been completed for the 7th Street bridge, which adjoins the city park to the downtown area, but the project is going to be more expensive than originally planned.

Steve Walensky, Cassville city administrator, said Allgeier Martin and Associates, a Joplin-based engineering company, has submitted a preliminary construction design and cost estimate for the 7th Street crossing on Flat Creek, which was damaged in the July 2015 flood and removed after subsequent damage in 2017.

“With this data, a preliminary project estimate has been developed, and the projections are within the limits of the proposed 2019 budget,” Walensky said. “If the anticipated funding assistance from SEMA and FEMA is approved, the project is viable based on the local resources that will be available with adoption of the budget.”

According to the reports, the total estimated cost is $198,329.15.

“There is some time sensitivity with this, because we had asked for the extension to start in April,” Walensky said. “All we have to do is get the project started by then, and it doesn’t have to be completed by that deadline.”

Walensky said he anticipates getting some feedback from FEMA and SEMA, as far as if they will allow for alternative projects based on the city’s request, sometime in early January.

“As soon as they give us the approval, we will go into construction,” Walensky said. “Hopefully, construction will start by April.”

According to Walensky, the biggest contributors for the price difference is that there will be more waterways.

“They have widened that, which will be better for flow,” Walensky said. “Also, that will be better for the ability for aquatic life to go back and forth.”

Walensky said after construction starts, depending on weather, the project could be completed by August.

“When you are dealing with putting a bridge in, you don’t know what is going to happen with weather and equipment,” Walensky said. “We want to get it finished as soon as possible, because it would be great to have it done for ball season.”

Walensky said during ball season is when the bridge gets the most usage.

“With the creation of the HEC-RAS, [Hydrologic Engineering Center’s - River Analysis System], we will be positioned to determine the best option for the 7th Street bridge completion,” Walensky said. “Implementation of the HEC-RAS will create the prioritization of flow improvements through our area.

“Our mission, as it relates to stormwater control, is to reduce damages to our community while moving the water out of Cassville as fast as possible.”

Walensky said the city will be applying for a Section 205, from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 2019, to aid in the development of a long-range plan for flood damage reductions.

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