Year-end sales tax totals show gains

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Seven of 13 bi-county cities gain, three dip barely over 2017

An anticipated, drop in sales tax revenues in December left a mixed bag of results for 2018.

After increases in five of the first six months of the year, drops in three of the last six months erased annual gains for four of the seven municipal recipients.

The seven Barry County cities collecting sales tax received $648,212.82 in December, down 20 percent from last December, following a 35 percent increase in November. It was the biggest percentage drop compared to the previous year since January 2018.

Cassville wiped out gains in November by receiving $79,673.38 for its general fund, down $39,136.38, or 33 percent, the lowest December sum since 2012. Seligman's 1 percent tax received $9,314.61, a drop of $1,003.31 or 10 percent, though still the third largest sum for the month on record. Washburn's 1 percent tax for general bills produced $3,754.14, down $586.10 from a year ago. Exeter's 1 percent tax yielded $1,760.70, down $328.14 from last December.

The only exception to this trend was Wheaton, whose 1 percent tax for general bills generated $5,108.35, up $2,944.41 or more than double last December's sum. Wheaton's 1 cent tax continues to defy the odds by generating more than two and a half times the amount of the city's half-cent tax, which yielded $1,765.07 for the month. While the city's 1 percent tax reflected a gain of 22 percent over 2017, the half-cent tax showed a drop of 6 percent in the same comparison, a disparity that has been continuing without explanation ever since .5 percent tax for transportation started at the end of 2013.

Purdy saw a similar downturn in December that sunk the city's 1 percent general fund tax sum below last year for the first time since August. The $3,105.51 December payment, the smallest since the city dropped to a single tax to pay for general bills in 2010, was down $5,532.07 from a year ago. That dropped the six-month fiscal year sum a little more than $2,200 below last year's pace, and it set the city's 2018 general fund total at $62,914.37, down 6 percent from a year ago.

A bigger-than-expected November raised hopes that fell in December as Monett ended the year on a disappointing note. The city's two sales taxes supporting the general fund that total 1 percent generated $186,298.24, down $32,366.12, or 15 percent, for the month even though it was the second-highest December payment since 2011. It was the fourth drop in seven months, ending the calendar year at $1,991,461.30, under the $2 million threshold broken for the first time last year. The sum was nonetheless $81,252.12 more than the 2016 total, but down $10,961.56 from the 2017 tally.

Barry County's two .5 percent taxes, again for general bills and for road and bridge maintenance, each received $187,875, down $58,605, or 24 percent.

Barry County's separate 911 sales tax received $140,867.94 for the month, down $43,908.97 from last December.

For 2018, only two of the seven Barry County cities bested the 2017 sales tax totals, while Cassville, Exeter and Washburn came very close to matching the previous year.

Sales tax collected in 2018 for all entities

City 1 percent general Compared to 2017
Cassville $953,953.49 -.02%
Exeter $22,534.83 down $7.35
Monett $1,991,461.30 -.01% or down $10,961.56
Purdy $62,914.37 -6%
Seligman $134,795.62 +22%
Washburn $29,372.80 down $62.90
Wheaton $66,764.76 +22%
BarCo (1/2%) $2,162,057.25 +1%
LawCo (1/2%) $1,563,276.57 up $9,528.44,
less than .5 percent

Total tax numbers

The following tax amounts reflect the total amount of tax collected by each city and county, in 2018, as compared to 2017.

Cassville, which collected four taxes, took in a total of $2,265,398.66, down $3,388.36 or less than .5 percent, remarkably close for that volume.

Exeter, with one tax, collected $22,534.83, down a mere $7.35 for the year.

Monett has five sales taxes, including the first full year of collections on the .5 percent tax to pay for the new aquatic center. Together the taxes generated $4,442,951.22, up more than $400,000 for the second year in a row or 11 percent for the second consecutive year.

Purdy, with three taxes, collected $125,847.34, down 6 percent after a 13 percent gain in 2017. The sum was $12,000 under the record year in 2015.

Seligman has four sales taxes and generated $302,789.15, up nearly 22 percent from 2017, showing record numbers with its Harp's grocery store even better than its days with a mini-Walmart.

Washburn, with three taxes, a 1-cent for general bills and two half-cents that consistently produce similar amounts, generated $58,745.25, down $126.51 from the previous year.

Wheaton, with two taxes, produced $88,610.30, up 14 percent after a 14 percent dip in 2017, leaving a sum about $1,700 under the 2016 total.

Barry County, which levies three taxes, took in $4,862,365.80, up $66,505.52 or 1 percent from the previous year. The .5 percent taxes for general operations and for road and bridge maintenance each yielded more than $2,162,000, while another $537,528.69 came from the .125 percent tax that also supports the general fund.

Barry County 911, supported by a 3/8 percent sales tax, garnered $1,618,164.18, a gain of $20,000 or 1 percent.

South Barry County Ambulance District collected an eight-cent sales tax totaling $846,842.32, up $62,695.47 or 8 percent from 2017, reflecting a full year of collections at the full rate.

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