City of Seligman receives $50,000 from state DNR grant

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Grant paid for a sewer system study

Along with water system renovations, the city of Seligman has been repairing the sewer system pumps and has received a grant through the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for a system study.

Brian Nichols, Seligman city clerk, said the city has 14 lift stations, 13 of which pump into a main lift station.

“Our main lift station has a 30-horsepower motor that has been in operation for some time,” Nichols said. “It was failing, so we pulled it out to have it rebuilt, along with a small 7-horsepower motor that was at city hall.”

According to Nichols, the pumps were taken to Joplin to be rebuilt for standard pump maintenance. Every five to six years they have to be rebuilt. It costs us $22,000 for those pumps to be rebuilt.

“We applied for a grant at the end of 2017 through DNR, which was an 80/20 split grant,” Nichols said. “The city is responsible for $12,500 of the $62,500 entire project.”

Nichols said DNR paid for $50,000 of the study where they went through and looked at every aspect of the sewer system.

“They inspected all of manholes and gave us recommendations on any repair work that needed to be done,” Nichols said.

“We had an engineering firm come in to evaluate everything and map out the system.”

According to Nichols, they didn’t find any issues with the sewer lines, just some minor manhole repairs.

“We include 2,000 gallons of water and sewer on the base bills of customers in city limits,” Nichols said. “There hasn’t been an increase on the sewer bill since 2012, and we are planning something but we don’t have the figures on that right now.”

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