Regal celebrates years of service

Wednesday, January 2, 2019
Allen Durie celebrated 45 years of service with Regal. Contributed photo

On Nov. 29, Regal Cassville honored 59 employees for reaching a milestone in years of service with the company. During a catered luncheon each associate received a certificate and was personally congratulated by the management team. Cassville is pleased to have such a great history of dedicated employees.

Those employees celebrating were: with 5 years of service, Adriana Garcia and Billy Newby; 15 years, Michael Peachee, Melanie Skinner, Loyd Dowell, Matt Hood, Paula Stockton, Justin Mason, Lucio Moreno, Jeanetta Periman, Jeremy Moore, Gualberto Serrano, June Sharp, Ricardo Gomez, Maricela Salas, Barbara Deal, Jose Meza, Autumn Murphy and Jose Rodriguez; 20 years, James Stockton, Michelle Pettengill, Allen Taylor, Shanda Downey and Melissa Garrison; 25 years, Stacy Blisard, Kerry McCowan, Diana Neumayer, David Orr and Tammy Robinson; 30 years, Steve Dalton, Carol Roller, David Hadlow, Tracy Roney, Desiree Ford, Buddy Garland, Mickey Munday and Janice Ray; 35 years, Johnny Allison, Joyce Pendergraft, Ray Boxley, Rick Mustain, Brenda Boxley, Jana Strahan, Carol Craig, Donnie Brattin, Mark England, Gene Hastings, Vicki Leonard, Brian Rose, Diana Lyons and Kimberly May; 40 years, Sue Garrison, Jim Senters, Cindy Staponski, Beverly “Kay” Stewart, Ruth Stubbs, Evelyn Nicholas and Larry Greek; and 45 years, Allen Durie.

Celebrating 40 years of service at Regal were, front row: Sue Garrison, Ruth Stubbs, Larry Greek. Back row: Jim Senters, Cindy Staponski, and Kay Stewart. Contributed photo
Celebrating 35 years of service at Regal were, front row: Joyce Pendergraft, Brenda Boxley, Vicki Leonard, Diana Lyons. Middle: Carol Craig, Jana Strahan, Kim May. Back row: Ray Boxley, Mark England, Gene Hastings, Donnie Brattin and Brian Rose. Contributed photo
Celebrating 30 years of service at Regal were, front row: Tracy Roney, Janice Ray, Desi Ford. Back row: Steve Dalton, David Hadlow and Buddy Garland. Contributed photo
Celebrating 25 years of service at Regal were, front row: Kerry McCowan, Diana Neumayer. Back row: Stacy Blisard, David Orr and Tammy Robinson. Contributed photo
Celebrating 20 years of service at Regal were, front row: Michell Pettengill, Shanda Downey. Back row: Allen Taylor, James Stockton and Melissa Garrison. Contributed photo
Celebrating 15 years of service at Regal were, front row: June Sharp, Jeanetta Periman, Maricela Salas, Matt Hood. Middle: Justin Mason, Jose Meza, Ricardo Gomez, Melanie Skinner. Back row: Jeremy Moore, Loyd Dowell and Lucio Moreno. Contributed photo
Celebrating 5 years of service at Regal was Adriana Garcia De Villa. Contributed photo