Seligman Police gets $17,624 in grants

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Donations being paid twice for assistance from Drug Task Force

The Seligman Police Department applied for grants twice for new equipment for patrol cars, and officials said between donations made by the county and area cities to the Ozark Drug Task Force, fees are being paid twice.

Brian Nichols, Seligman city clerk, said Seligman’s Chief of Police Matt Phillips requested a $10,000 grant through the Local Law Enforcement Block Grants (LLEGB) to purchase a new radio, a portable radio and repeaters for the vehicle.

“The way that works is the portable radio transmits back to the main radio in the vehicle because it has more power, and then the vehicle radio sends the signal out,” Nichols said. “Phillips applied for the $10,000 grant through the LLEGB back in 2017, which was 100 percent funded.”

According to Nichols, Phillips just applied for another grant this year for the second vehicle.

“They only approved him for $7,624, because the only thing they did approve was the repeater for the second car,” Nichols said. “They approved the main radio and the portable radio. So, instead of buying the items new, we can actually source them used cheaper.”

Nichols said there will be $600 out of pocket cost that will be covered with the equipment budget.

“Also, the Ozark Drug Task Force requests all agencies to donate once a year for their operation costs,” Nichols said. “They also submit that same request to the Barry County Sheriff’s Department.”

According to Nichols, essentially every city in Barry County that pays that fee is funding them twice.

“Barry County is already the high agency that takes care of all cities and citizens in the county and pays that fee,” Nichols said. “It is already being paid, so the Ozark Drug Task Force will still be assisting all cities in Barry County.”

Nichols said the Ozark Drug Task Force had requested $500 from Seligman as a donation.

“I’m not sure if that was based on size or population,” Nichols said. “The main purpose for using the Ozark Drug Task Force is to clean up any and all meth labs that are discovered.”

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