Exeter implements program for community-building

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Students growing, building, connecting with community

Exeter High School’s girls athletics has been taking time to listen to guest speakers, taking trips and volunteering for a community-building exercise.

Ashley Fly, Exeter vice principal, said the team has a guest speaker that comes in once a month.

“They speak about different topics, and we have had speakers from Walmart and a speaker that was associated with the WNBA,” Fly said. “We are trying to get the students thinking about their future.”

According to Fly, the group has taken trips, and volunteered in different projects.

“We just finished with Shoebox for Soldiers,” Fly said. “The girls brought in items, and we packed the boxes.

“They have also gone to different nursing homes and played bingo.”

Fly said the coach is trying to get the girls involved in community events and making that an importance for them.

“The girls get excited and are very involved,” Fly said. “They are definitely trying to build the community and connect with the community.”

According to Fly, the girls work through a few projects every month.

“I know that they have a team-building event coming up,” Fly said. “This is just something that the varsity coach came up with in a way to help give back to the community.”

Ernest Raney, Exeter superintendent, said the grade 7-12 girls basketball players from junior high and high school have been involved with this.

“There have been some really neat people that have been a part of this, and I think this opportunity is great for the students that will impact them for a lifetime,” Raney said.

A list of the guest speakers that have participated includes:

• Tim Marney, Barry County Coop, Exeter graduate

• Cheryl Lee, Co-Owner of C&C, Exeter graduate

• Calla Bacon, Co-Owner of C&C

• Kevin Holt, Highway Patrol Captain, 25 years in law enforcement

• Shawn Holt, 30-year educator and author

• Carol Johnston, Senior VP Walmart Operations and currently the highest ranking female in operations

• Tracey Johnston, Senior Buyer Walmart Fishing, Greatest Seasonal buyer in Walmart history

• Amber Cox, VP Connecticut Sun WNBA team

• Art Haines, Hall of Fame Broadcaster

• Tricia DeBouis, Senior Manager Walmart Human Resources

• Dan Reiter, VP St. Louis Cardinals

• Jennifer Stephens, RN, Exeter graduate

• Rick Brattin, Associate Professor, Exeter graduate

• Jon Horner, President Security Bank of SW Missouri

Still to Come:

• Tammy Stephens, VP Over & Back, supplier to Walmart

• Shawnda Schnerbusch, Youngest female VP in Walmart history

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