Praise band a hit for new ministry at UMC

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

United Methodist Church offers alternative worship

Catering to a younger generation, the United Methodist Church uses a band and new style of ministry to keep people coming to church.

Micah Boise, United Methodist Church director of worship and youth pastor, said Uprising is a new ministry that the church is starting, and there is a band that will play for the new ministry.

The band has been a part of the Cassville Christmas parade, the Chili Cook-off and other events in the community.

“The praise band itself doesn’t have a name,” Boise said. “The band will play for the ministry called ‘Uprising.’”

Boise said Uprising will be meeting on Sunday nights from 5:30-7:30 p.m. and will include contemporary worship led by the band. Instead of a message like a normal church service, Uprising will be a discussion.

“The discussion comes from a curriculum called Wired Word,” Boise said. “Wired Word is an online curriculum that is for sale for churches.”

According to Boise, Wired Word provides two different topics that can be chosen during each service. It sets you up with news reels and then it provides us with several discussion questions, and also Bible verses that would go hand-in-hand with the topics.

“The church purchases the curriculum, so there is no charge for the people who participate,” Boise said. “That curriculum takes current events in the news and tries to look at them through a biblical lens.” Boise said Uprising will discuss the events in a large and small group setting.

“We will discuss how Jesus would want us to act according to what is going on in the news,” Boise said. “We found that a lot of students who graduate high school are actually getting kicked out of their youth programs because they are too old.

“They are having a hard time finding a place to go, whether it be that Sunday mornings they want to sleep in or have to work.”

According to Boise, the church is trying to create an alternative service for post graduates.

“We have some people who will be there that are 50 years or older,” Boise said. “Everyone is welcome, but we are catering it toward ages 18-35.”

Boise said the church group has done quite a bit of promoting for Uprising, but they don’t really know how many people will be a part of the ministry.

“We will also have provide child care,” Boise said. “We understand that some of the younger families that are interested in coming need that.”

Boise said once a month, there will be a free meal offered, and there will be coffee bar.

“Some of the surrounding churches have tried a similar thing and were extremely successful,” Boise said. “They found that the age group we are targeting is really interested, and once word got out, the ministries they were having actually grew.”

According to Boise, one of the cards that promoted Uprising said that it is an out-of-the-box, come-as-you-are gathering of likeminded individuals to discuss current events through a biblical lens.

“We are recognizing that there is a need to reach a younger group of people who aren’t really coming back to the church after they leave the house or go to college,” Boise said. “This is an attempt for us to reach them on their level.

“A lot of what the younger people are saying is that they want to make an impact.”

Boise said once Uprising starts and gets some momentum, they want to find better ways to serve and give back to the community. “We are trying to find a new way for younger people to come and meet,” Boise said. “This discussion ministry is really crucial in getting them involved.”

Boise said Uprising will discuss anything from political, social and even religion topics.

“We have a committee that is made up of several members who have actually done this thing before,” Boise said. “They always say that local events will always find their way into the conversation.”

According to Boise, even though the discussion may start on a national level, conversations can quickly turn into something that is local.

“I think local discussions will come as long as people feel they are important enough to bring to the table,” Boise said. “I don’t think we would say no to any discussion that someone wants to bring up.”

Boise said Uprising won’t claim someone as the head of the ministry, instead having a committee of volunteers.

“We want it to be organic so people can bring what they want to the table,” Boise said. “Uprising will start on Jan. 20 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. every Sunday evening.”

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