Bomb threat investigated at Cassville High School

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Walk-through completed, nothing found after threat located

The Cassville school district investigated a bomb threat made at the high school recently after graffiti of the threat was found in one of the school’s bathrooms.

Richard Asbill, Cassville superintendent, said the district does not know how long the threat was there, but as a precaution, all after-school activities were canceled on Dec. 12 and Cassville police were called to the scene to investigate.

The graffiti specifically said, “The school will be blown up tomorrow,” and Asbill said he anticipated it was written some time that day since custodial staff had not seen it since the last cleaning of the bathroom.

Asbill said a walk-through of the campus, which took more than two hours, was completed, and nothing was found.

“The graffiti was found in the girls bathroom by a student who reported it right as school was being let out,” Asbill said. “We notified Cassville police, and they came to assist with a walk-through of each room and hallway, and we have a passkey for all the lockers, so they were checked, along with our storage units and closets.”

Asbill said he believes the threat was a hoax.

“It’s what I would refer to in today’s time as a poor joke because there are a lot of significant issues that come with this kind of threat,” he said. “Also last week there were threats by email sent to municipalities and businesses across the country demanding ransoms of bitcoin, and that slows everyone down and provides an unnecessary stress.”

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