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Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Over 100 pieces of art were sent in from around the world to the Cassville Crowder art appreciation class who created a mail art show titled “Visions.” The display will be open to the public until January at the start of the new semester. Jordan Privett/

100 pieces of art are being shown at Crowder College

The Cassville Crowder campus has a display of international postcards and art titled “Visions.”

Postcards and pieces of art interpret people’s idea of their Visions from all over the world. The concept of Mail Art first appeared in the 1960’s, in New York City, and the pieces on display at the Crowder campus include poetry, postcards, paintings, drawings and stories.

People from all over the world answered the international mail art call sent out during the summer for the Cassville Crowder art appreciation class. The display is called “Visions,” and will be available to view until January. Jordan Privett/

Leigh Wallace, Cassville Crowder College art instructor, said the mail art show was a project in the art appreciation class for this semester.

“Postcard art is quite popular in Europe and Asia,” Wallace said. “Not so much in the United States.”

Wallace said it is something that she likes to do with the students, because it doesn’t require a lot of artistic talent because it’s about art appreciation.

“I put out an international mail art call for people to send in things to Crowder over the summer,” Wallace said. “We got over 100 pieces back from all over the world.”

Wallace said it is mostly postcards, but people sent in all kinds of things.

“There is a piece from Spain,” Wallace said. “It looks like it was made from trash and things that they picked up off the ground.”

The title of the show is ‘Visions,’ so the idea was for people to send their vision from wherever they are.

“One person sent in a metallic piece of paper that is like a mirror, Wallace said. “Some people are very literal in their interpretation and made things look like eyeballs.”

According to Wallace, the showing is very artsy, and will be up until January at the start of the next semester.

“There are some pieces from the students and some pieces from locals as well,” Wallace said. “It is a very interesting display and it is a lot of fun to look at.”

Wallace said this is a way to get people involved in things as a community.

“It is something that most people around here don’t see all the time,” Wallace said. “Also, it shows how people can reach out and get others to respond to create something.”

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