Washburn to buy new pump for about $1,800

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Damage to the pump caused by overheating

The lift station located on 15th Street in Washburn needs a new water pump, according to James Libertus, City of Washburn maintenance supervisor,

Libertus a new pump cost close to $1,800.

“That is the cheapest I have found so far,” Libertus said. “The new pump has to be a specific type to fit into the current set up.”

Libertus said the lift station has two pumps that handle about seven houses. These pumps send water to the main line on Highway 90, and from there, it is all down hill to the homes.

“Out of the two pumps, one of them is down,” Libertus said. “The pumps usually alternate pumping, and with an extended period of time with only using one pump it will cause the other pump to be damaged from over working.”

According to Libertus, hours go by before the pumps even kick on, because with so few houses, they don’t have to run as often.

“The pump that broke down just quit on us,” Libertus said. “It wouldn’t kick off by itself, which caused the over heating.”

Libertus said he tried to repair the broken pump, but the repair shop said that it would just be better to buy a new one.

“The new pump is ready to order,” Libertus said. “I have just been calling around to see if we can find it cheaper.”

Libertus said the lift station that will receive a new pump is located off of Highway 90 on 15th Street in Washburn.

“Once the pump is ordered, depending on weather, it should be installed in approximately a month,” Libertus said. “We will have to go down into the hole to make sure everything is ready, and we have to get a certified electrician out to make sure everything gets connected right.”

According to Libertus, the main point in purchasing a new pump is to make sure that the other pump doesn’t also go out due to being over worked.

“Who knows how much longer the working pump will work if it has to run every time,” Libertus said.

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