Cassville scoreboards to pay for themselves

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

School district set to make $348,500 from ads over 10 years

The Cassville school district spent $170,000 on four scoreboards in October, for the football, soccer, baseball and softball fields, and after one month of work, the district is expecting to soon close in on contracts that would double the expenditure amount in revenue from advertisements on the new equipment.

According to school officials, eight local businesses have agreed to buy ad spaces the boards, with half of the businesses buying spaces on all four boards. Due to demand, the district altered its ad size plan to offer 20 total spots, ranging from 3-by-4 to 3-by-6 on the combined four boards. Also included are 10, 30-second advertisements, which will be played during events at Wildcat Stadium on the incoming video board.

With some businesses looking to provide a lump sum payment, preliminary, non-contractural numbers show the district will receive $64,250 in the first year, $174,250 by year five and $348,500 by year 10.

Proposed prices were $4,000 for the 3-by-12 football field spaces, $2,500 for the 3-by-6 football field spaces, $1,500 for each of the 3-by-5 baseball field spaces, and $1,000 each for the 3-by-3.5 softball field and 3-by-4 soccer field spaces. The two 3-by-12 spaces on the football board were split into four 3-by-6 spots. The 30-second ad spots remained at $800 each.

Payment for the boards, totaling $170,827 from Daktronics, has been rolled into the three-year bus purchase lease. The Daktronics bid beat out the only other bid, $198,987 from Nevco. The board approved the Daktronics bid with a 5-2 vote. Chad Yarnall, Jeremy Marple, David Haddock, Becky Henningson and Jon Horner voted in favor, and Wade Hermansen and Steve Henbest voted against.

The scoreboard at the football field cost $140,442, which includes $21,950 in installation fees, and has a video display 23 feet and 2.4 inches high and 25 feet wide. The top of the board has an arched display with “Cassville Wildcats” lettering and the Wildcat logo. The all-digital video display will allow for things like replays and commercials, and the game information will be minimized to the bottom of the screen while videos are playing.

The baseball scoreboard cost $$11,158 and is 12.5-by-20; the softball scoreboard cost $7,406 and is 12-by-14; and the soccer scoreboard cost $4,323. All three boards have an arched display on top similar to the football scoreboard, but the lettering is sport-specific. Superintendent Richard Asbill said the board at Wildcat Stadium says “Cassville Wildcats” because it will be used for football and track, while the baseball, softball and soccer boards will be used for those specific sports alone.

Asbill said vendors recommend expecting a 10-year life expectancy for scoreboards, and Asbill said he’s pleased with the district’s upcoming set up.

“For five years, we’ll have a good, economical option with zero impact to the school district financially,” he said. “These will also improve our ability to showcase our kids and put our best foot forward when other schools come to visit.”

Asbill said all funds generated from the ads will be put in its own advertising activity fund, allowing it to be easily tracked.

“After the five years, we’ll plan to look at the next reinvestment round by sponsors and continue to put that money in the advertising activity fund,” he said. “At year 7 or 8, we’ll start looking at equipment needs and investments in scoreboards. I don’t think the life of all the boards will be 10 years exactly. Some may last longer.”

Asbill said several advertisers have made prepayments for all 5 years, and others have paid just the first year.

“We are in the process of taking payments and finalizing some contracts,” he said. “This community has always been so gracious in supporting our programs, and I credit our athletic director, Doug Martin, for his hard work in facilitating this project and turning it around in a timely manner. He did an outstanding job working with the community to support Cassville schools.”

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