First Christian Church welcomes new minister

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Terrill: ‘I am going to preach a sermon on my 100th birthday’

The First Christian Church in Cassville is welcoming Chuck Terrill as its new senior minister.

Terrill is a Kansas native with multiple degrees, and is also a writer.

“I’ve been in the ministry for about 40 years,” Terrill said. “I got my first degree in religious studies, at Ozark Christian College in Joplin. Then, a master’s degree through Johnson Bible Seminary in Knoxville, Tenn. My first doctorate came from Master Theological Seminary, and I have a second doctorate from Trinity Seminary.”

Terrill grew up in Kansas, and lived in Kansas all his life to-date. The First Christian Church is his fourth church.

“I had a student ministry for about four years and saw phenomenal growth in a little community called Mulberry, Kan.,” Terrill said. “We went from 24 people to about 90 people in four years, and we left that church as a very strong church.”

Terrill said he then went to another small church in Kansas.

“We started there with 54 people, and we saw that church grow to about 280,” Terrill said. “We were there for 14 years, and that church is strong and vibrant today.”

Terrill then went to Manhattan Christian College, where he was a pastoral ministry and preaching professor.

“My home church, Valley Center Christian Church, where I was saved and baptized as a boy, called me to be their minister in 2005,” Terrill said. “I just left that ministry to come here to Cassville.

“Valley Center Christian Church is a healthy church that is doing well, there was really no reason for me to leave. However, it seemed like God was telling me that I need to do what I do best, which is take a small church build it up, and watch it grow.”

Terrill said First Christian Church has struggled for a couple of years without a senior minister.

“They have been fortunate to have a gentleman come preach on the weekends,” Terrill said. “I just felt it was God’s call for us to come to Cassville, get plugged into the community and lead this church.

“I just do what I can for the Lord.”

Terrill said he and his wife moved to Cassville because they like this area, and have vacationed here for years. Terrill is a writer as well, and has had five books published. He wants to keep learning, and grow in knowledge and spirit.

“When people ask me about my life,” Terrill said. “I say, ‘I want to preach until I’m about 70, then spend some time teaching at a Bible college until I’m about 80 or 90. Then, I am going to preach a sermon on my 100th birthday, and after that I don’t have any plans.’”

Terrill said he is an expository preacher, which means he preaches through big portions of scripture.

“For example, maybe I take the book of James,” Terrill said. “I will just wear it out six weeks prior to a series, so that I really get to know the text, and find the practical applications in the text. Then, I usually write about six sermons at a time, and I’m always thinking about all of them.”

According to Terrill, that is his study part, about 25 hours per sermon, then God does the rest.

“I do a lot of work and what I can’t do God does,” Terrill said. “First Christian Church is very, ‘What you see is what you get.’ There are no hidden agendas or politics. I am really happy to be part of a congregation like that.”

For more information about the First Christian Church of Cassville or to speak with Terrill, people may contact the church at 417-847-2460.

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