DAR chapter honors one of their own

Wednesday, November 21, 2018
Members of the local chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution are pictured. In the front row, from left: Hope Morris and Bonnie Yetter. Back row: Maella Blalock, Carol Jereczek, Carol Shipman, Cheryl Schad, Dea Coleman, Becky Ryder and Margaret Meadows. Contributed photo

Cheryl Schad deployed for Desert Shield and Desert Storm

Local Daughters of the American Revolution celebrated Veterans Day by honoring our own member, Cheryl Schad.

Specialist Fourth Class Schad deployed to Saudi Arabia in support of Desert Shield and Desert Storm. She was there for six months with a Supply and Service Unit from the Army Reserves. Her unit conducted pre-deployment training at Fort Sill. Cheryl said she left Ft. Sill when it was freezing and pitch black and arrived in Saudi on a hot, sunny day.

Members of the Alexander McNair DAR chapter in Monett were amazed at the black full cover called an abaya that Cheryl modeled as she told of having to wear it whenever she went off the base camp. Cheryl joked that the Army did not provide the outfit. Cheryl talked about how very little respect women received there. She experienced SCUD missile attacks and lack of privacy as she was the only female in her shared barracks. She spent a lot of time in gas mask and chemical protection suit, even falling asleep one night in her mask. Cheryl joined the military in 1988 and served until 1996. SP4 Schad said the best part of her service was being needed.

“In the military you make a difference,” she said. “That’s the best part.”

During the meeting the Alexander McNair chapter agreed to propose membership for two prospective members, Carol Shipman and Dea Coleman. Chapter members collected 19 new children’s books to give to a local library and voted to donate them to the First United Methodist Church Preschool program, partly in thanks for allowing them to meet there.

They also collected wrapped Christmas gifts for their adopted veteran at the Mount Vernon Veterans Home.

DAR representatives have distributed scholarship packets for local seniors at Monett, Wheaton, Exeter, Purdy, Pierce City, Cassville, and Southwest High Schools. Members agreed to give a chapter scholarship to the senior submitting the best essay for the Good Citizen Program.

Our next open meeting will in February and women interested in DAR are encouraged to attend.