Shell Knob School hosts 2nd Annual Celebration of Learning

Wednesday, November 14, 2018
The fifth-grade beginner band played at the Shell Knob Celebration of Learning Thursday. Contributed photo

Shell Knob held its 2nd annual Celebration of Learning Thursday at 6 p.m. to show students’ every day work.

Fifth- through eighth-grade students have been working in their classrooms since August, and this the event showcased some of what they have learned.

The evening was kicked off by the fifth grade beginner band, which played selections from its method book, Measures of Success, Book One. After the fifth grade, the guitar class played three song selections, “Sound of Silence,” “Eleanor Rigby” and “Say You Won’t Let Go.” Last but not least, the middle school band played two selections, “Der Erlkönig,” composed by Scott Watson, and “The Tell-Tale Heart,” composed by Michael Story. The evening’s musical portion ended with “The Star Spangled Banner,” arranged by Robert W. Smith.

The middle school band played at the Shell Knob Celebration of Learning Thursday. Contributed photo

After the band’s performance parents, students and family members were able to view the work students had on display while munching on cookies and hot cocoa provided by the kitchen staff.

The art class displayed work that demonstrated basic art design and principles for fifth and sixth grade, plus basic elements of art and principles of design for seventh and eighth grade.

The P.E. exhibits demonstrated learning from health class. The students created their own game with materials, directions and all.

Art work was on display at the Shell Knob Celebration of Learning Thursday. Contributed photo

Social studies displayed material which included sixth grade Ancient Civilization maps, seventh grade ecosystems, and cultures, and eighth grade European Exploration of the Americas and early American Colonies.

The science classes demonstrated its learning with measuring in the metric system in sixth grade, while seventh grade showcased stories students wrote about an imaginary trip through the atmosphere. Lastly, eighth grade presented models of Earth’s spheres.

Communication arts exhibited their portfolios. sixth grade had three artifacts: their research presentation, their artistic story summaries, and their compare/contrast paragraphs. Seventh grade had two pieces in their portfolio: their research project on selected elements from,“Three Skeleton Key” and their artistic summary of the material on The Women’s Suffrage Movement. Seventh grade is writing a competition piece for Daughters of the American Revolution. Eighth grade’s portfolios contained several final writing pieces, such as an argument essay, two artistic summaries and Patriot’s Pen competition pieces.

Fifth grade students created brochures to showcase their learning about the 50 American states. The brochures were judged by teachers, staff, and students. Randa Johnson won first place, Emma Pryor won second place and Raigan Crumb won third place. All brochures had specific elements from each state, such as historical parks, monuments, attractions, state symbol, flags and maps.

The evening was a learning extravaganza showcasing all students work in various classes and disciplines. Thanks is given to all who attended and for all the hard work by our students.