Letter to the Editor

Rita Goodhead: Woman asks for support of Bingo amendment

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Dear editor,

When organizations like the Lions or VFW hold Bingo games, they need workers. On Nov. 6 we will be able to vote for Amendment 4 to the Missouri Constitution, which will reduce the waiting time of a member to work Bingo from two years to six months. It also removes advertising restrictions deemed unconstitutional. Please support by voting yes for Amendment 4.

Before you think that Bingo doesnít affect me, or doesnít matter, let me share a few things about Bingo. In Missouri, only licensed non-profit service organizations can hold bingo games. Any money received by service organizations offering Bingo, over and above the actual cost of conducting the game, is to be used for charitable, religious or philanthropic purposes. Bingo is a charitable fundraiser for our community run by volunteers. State regulation prohibits paid bingo workers.

In 2006, there were approximately 471 Bingo sites in Missouri. Today, there are only 224. Many communities have lost out when Bingo sites close because they canít get enough workers. When Bingos close down, all those charitable donations go away.

The two-year requirement to be a member of a non-profit organization is having a negative impact across the state. By voting yes for Amendment 4, you will help these organizations keep hosting Bingo and keep supporting their communities.

There is no cost to the taxpayer to support this amendment. Thank you for your vote.

Rita Goodhead

Shell Knob